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A vampire casts no reflection in the glass that is why dracula smashed the mirror
And now 12 long hours before the sun will rise and drive them back to darkness
Both this room and your bedroom have been prepared with wolfsbane you will be safe if dracula returns
Dracula is in the house
Gentlemen we are dealing with the undead
Get me a piece of stone anything it will help me drive the stake through their hearts
Look the sun when it is gone they leave their coffins
Modern medical science does not admit of such a creature the vampire is a pure myth superstition
My theory is that the bat had previously acquired the vampire germ
No you mustn't go there we people of the mountains believe at the castle there are vampires!
Nosferatu yes nosferatu the undead the vampire
On the throat of each victim the same two marks
The strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him
The vampire attacks the throat it leaves two little wounds white with red centers
They can't bear to see their image it repels them I need more mirrors
They leave their coffins at night and they feed on the blood of the living
Why can't they stand the sunlight why are they only seen at night
You'd prefer us to believe in vampires if they exist yes