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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Bishop - Juice Soundboard Sound
But what the fuck is wrong with you the fuck you have to shoot a four man you need to shoot a man greater move gaming a fucking movement lion man I was looking right at you no man is dad anthony ma...
Can you find nobody fucking punks brick
Chinatown love god just a mystery
Come on man how fucking cracking up for me now ****a we already sit together like that's it come on
Convert two don't let me go I thought you visit may come on you don't let me go
Do shoot me an elevator
Fuck back to the club anybody ask about by hand we don't know
Hey man we gotta give it a fucking gun yeah you right now your bishop may give me the peaks no you mean no I mean i'm old and answer this to ask so i'm not playing really
I will close more customers I soon there is never felt they see nothing looking at the fuck up fuck about you
Look if I go down you go down those motherfuckers don't give a fuck who saddle
Oh shit is blizzard a gunman was killed in a shootout with police as he attempted to rob the harlem would bar in harlem just under an hour ago the gunman identified as twenty year old barnett jenki...
Shit my wish a problem you my fucking problem people slept on the street you don't even give a fuck I think you're exaggerating it's bullshit man we went from the cops we
To know about a big shops which you ever control I can draw my life ass bullshit I got more control over your life than you do hooper at a menu bree van a you can walk your own blah
Today we took like a fucking punk you fuck you man you'll chill no fucks him suck yourself cute you gotta slap some cars and let the mother fuckers know you had to take them out anytime you feel li...
What the fuck are you looking at you going crazy B fucking call me crazy again i'll blow your fucking brains out understand I got it yeah
Where where can for garden here
Will be fighting for the job fucked up man so you're fucking back on me fucking thanks man
You saw that I told him and he had no business grabbing the gun like that but it was rain man I don't give a fuck who it was nobody supposed to do that's it nobody and if anybody got a problem that...
Your big day if you want respect you gotta earn it you damn right you gotta be ready to bolt down stand up and out for that shit like blizzard did if you want some juice blizzard pleasant sticking ...