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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
About your dad who is your cock adam ant bet eleven years hello your mom nurse tired when I was young
And I only want could you save my life tonight here captain danko you are now the proud owner of the most powerful handgun in the world so we have butter in
Because many men like amanda donnelly in soviet union I understand him he's like KGB how
Careful driving will yeah I don't want any accidents to fill out paperwork for the rest of my life I have caught the controller
Chicago cop number relinquishes his weapon here
Coco nino
Damn it not going to wash the car just wrecked the god damn suit hard boiled nuts
Dell 's deli now
Everything OK yes fine no problems what about that circus shit laying on the sidewalk he lives here you're really cute you know that
Hey asshole you can't park here this is my parking place I live right up there so what we've pieces she called out loud now will give me fifty bucks I do not understand let me make a real simple mo...
I need the other can get away from him and just get away from me I can't deal with that but we got no leads pal or baton fucking zero don't even look at me like that it's not happening and I give y...
I will not leave this country without victory
I'm i've and uncle mosko special police i'm here to track down dangerous soviet criminal a chicago police officers helping maine
Ivan Danko - Red Heat Soundboard Sound
Mostly self mister watch him with this week dark uzi am pretty rushed almost a movie tucci up rusty young rooney
Night telling you shit
Registered in my name moscow militia headquarters riddick yep he did not know about gun under the circumstances i'm going to have to ask for your weapon and I say no I see you're in sync is teachin...
So I just kept it and don't call it when she calls me tryste package are equally mussorgsky verse this noise talker stop retail is a shark toner in their mid jelly pier with similar to decorate a c...
Victor roster
What you would like huge petroleum minneapolis japo do you know what this key open looks like a key to locker in maine one on you ask your bud you try
Where is the locker that this key opens here is why you mama sunny too but you say you say gold and kiss your mother 's behind
Yeah sure sure I suppose I taught you everything you need to know about car rental when the price of insurance in your famous school in kiev socialist countries insurance not necessary state place ...
Yeah we'll tell me something happen if you got such a fucking paradise over there how come you're up the same creek as we are with heroin and cocaine chinese find bay right up that evolution the li...
Yo sweet cheeks while we're young huh
You married i'm just curious and we are working together no ever no yeah girlfriend no ever