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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Anything you see here we can do by the liquor rated have some fun OK mary pat mary kate mary frances to but let's see it come on bring it on exactly how obscene amount of money we're talking about ...
Barney it didn't fit oh no I got a little problem all right miss vivian one more time dinner napkin dinner napkin gently in the lack good elbows
Bring my pimp now you think you can just pass me around your friends i'm not some little toy you're not my toy I know you're not my vivian vivian
Excuse me miss may I help you do you have a key i'm on the top floor you're against him with friend and who would that be edward edward
I don't know about you but i've never been able to figure which goes with what
I just want to add my shipyard slippers
I'm sorry I ever met you i'm sorry I ever got into your stupid car as if you had so many more appealing options
I'm speaking to you come back here I hate to point out the obvious but you are in fact a hooker and you are my employee you don't own me I decide OK I say who I say when I say I refuse to spend the...
I've never had anyone make me feel as cheap as you did today somehow I find that very hard to believe
If I forget to tell you later I had a really good time tonight thank you
It's not like OK something 's missing well nothing else is going to fit into this dress will tell you that I don't want to get too excited is only alone
Just that very few people surprise me now we are lucky on stone shock the hell out of me
May I help you i'm just checking things out are you looking for something in particular no well yeah something conservative yes
Say hello say hawaii do you remember me no i'm sorry I was in here yesterday you wouldn't wait on me oh you work on commission right yes big
Should I order for you yeah please do so thank you
So what do you do by companies what kind of companies companies that are financial difficulty their promise must come for a bargain huh well
So what happened after he climbed up the tower and rescued her she rescues him right back
This is not home this is a hotel room and you are not a little woman you're a hooker maybe you're fat
This way mister lewis your body is waiting stop fidgeting
Welcome to hollywood what's your three this is holly wood and some dreams come true someday but keep on dreaming
What is your name is what do you want it to be don't play with me well miss vivian things that go on in other hotels don't happen at the regent beverly
When you're not fidgeting you look very beautiful and very tall
Where are you going up
Where is the silent the salad comes at the end of the meal I mean
Where you going about my money I want to get outta here
Yes I am that alistair the manager may help you it would louis yes you see this young lady over yes do you have anything in this shop is a beautiful machine to yes oh no no no
You alright fine that's great seven finds since we left the match but I have another word please asshole there's a word I think I like fine better
You know what just tell me one thing why did you make me get all dressed up well for one thing the clothing was appropriate what I mean is if you were going to tell everybody i'm a hooker why did y...