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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Alright take to get it i'm sorry how
And we got jack with apple
But the worst thing I ever done to make the polish very few get home and then I went to this movie theater hid the puking my jacket clothing nothing about money and then that i'm making noise like ...
Call sharon I don't like that flowers and I wanna wait a minute wait a minute just hold out here that you will get along sheriff look having fun in the truth
Chunk - The Goonies Soundboard Sound
Chunk - The Goonies Soundboard Sound
Come on my own I wanna go on anymore you're crazy
Forever longer love what olympia monger
Guys i'm stuck with this game he can stay stay
Hey I bet you guys thought I was going to throw up at huh I know you would think that from well
Hey you guys you gotta let me in here I just saw the most amazing thing in my entire life come on do it
I like to talk I love the dog treat later I hate nature
I told you so siri
Joke I know you didn't touch you get over here
Just saying you never listen to me I share that there's gonna be trouble much it didn't listen to me you guys are crazy you know you got yourself destructive now funny farm and has your name writte...
Listen OK you guys will never believe there's two cop cars OK and their chases four wheel deals israel need or be there are both flying all over the place so most amazing thing I ever saw
Look how's that how's that oh you idiot you pissing in your faces looks fine to me
More amazing in the time michael jackson came over your house to use the bathroom more amazing than the time you save those old people commit nursing home fireman I there was even more amazing than...
Oh wow police chase
OK thanks a lot you're not gonna believe me just come and told them to her
Or a hot our model your give your need a mario
Sloth you're gonna live with me now who i'm gonna take care of you 'cause I love you
Start with fingers then the front little hand then the fleshy are your other little friends house
This time chunk hey you guys look at it
Wait stop
What is that oh shit what what is that that is a mess I want to cleaned up boys oh yeah sure you want our kids and i'll be back by babies
What the fuck tina fingers then the front little hand
You might be my kids at the kind of place you wanna go to the bathroom maybe why not because they might have daddy long legs
You want a breeding problem you've got one what's your dad gonna do with all that stuff that's in the attic is going to give a fax in museums or whoever they pick to be the new assistant curly occu...