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And all free today.
Cherry pie, cream pie pops, ice cream.
Child Catcher - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Soundboard Sound
Children, your Highness. Orange unique specimens.
Do your hand.
Dolly Pop.
Go inside my.
Here we are, children. Come and get your lollipops.
I don't trust a man who makes toys in a land where children are forbidden.
I have lots of lovely goodies for you.
Ice cream, chocolate, all free.
Kitty winky.
Let me tell you, Toy Maker, this news of mine has never failed me.
Like cockroaches, they get under the floors, in the cracks, in the walls, in the woodwork.
Lollipops come along, my little ones.
Pulled idiot out of my way.
So we could talk.
The betterness will have your teeth for a necklace and your eyeballs for earrings.
They don't make it 50 years. It's my little niece.
Yeah, right here. Somewhere I can smell them.
You have to know where to look.
You will die.