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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Age as watchmen
All I get around you know never nowhere I might pop up
And then I catch your teacher teach off
Big guy
Head on a stick
Heading up there again
Hope your sister
However the ball we naked on the windsor name right
I always use a rabbit with you cats but I don't know where you been
I seen a big more pig right take a pit bulls head clean off one time little legs still pumping away and
Let's play
Listen uncle more
Look on your fucking face
Mick Taylor - Wolf Creek Soundboard Sound
Mick Taylor - Wolf Creek Soundboard Sound
Mick Taylor - Wolf Creek Soundboard Sound
Nothing like rain water from the topping
Now i'm doing people a service and I think that a few rows in that everywhere out here now lock tourist
Nude body spot
Oh I can tell you then I would have to kill you
Once you spawn shepherd or
Poofter capital of australia
Sign me in foreign can't wait aspac
That's not a moment this is annoying
That’s for fucking wrecking my fucking truck you bitch
The winner
Yeah well we get you outta here quick smart
You want to bloody L U of doing out here to get a shootout