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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Achieve I don't know he's very smart very dumb
Adding invite iranian caviar and don't forget the color TV
Airlines the fire marilee died at the age of a hundred and three for fifteen years she kept her virginity at a bad record for this facility
Are you going now I wanna eat let's you meet your not now going to try it
But I isn't gonna half ass astronaut
Eventum langerhan chief we get thousand miles on him
Here's to swimming with bowlegged women
Hook me up another barrel
How about you stop all did you watch it
I had a little drink about an hour ago
I thought we got taxidermie man he's gonna have a heart attack when you see your life from him
I value my neck a lot more than three thousand bucks chief fighting for three but i'll catch him and kill him for ten
I'll catch this bird for him but he ain't going to be easy bad fish
I'm talking about working for a living shark
Keep it steady now I got something very big
Little brown ale comes out of the cave swims into the hole is out of the hole was back into the cave again
Not angel
Not like going down the plantation bluegills atomic hearts
Oh oh AM
One case of apricot brandy
Quint - Jaws Soundboard Sound
Quint - Jaws Soundboard Sound
Roper drives the boat chief
She had comes the nearest man then managed had found and hollering and screaming sometimes a shark go away sometimes he would go away
So eleven hundred men went in the war three hundred sixty nine come out of the sharks took the rest june the twenty ninth nineteen forty five
So you got your rubbers
Sometimes I shaggy looks right in here man in the riot you know nothing about a shaggy 's gotten lifeless eyes black eyes like a dolls eyes
Ten thousand dollars for me by myself for that you get the head tail the whole damn thing
That's a twenty five twenty five three ton ton
The island of ten in the lady just delivered the bomb the hiroshima bomb
The sharp swallow you home bacon and horizon
Urban RI mrs brother he's fishing it just got a couple of stripers will bring in for dinner we won't be lonely in see anything yet order out
Very well and I do do you fair spanish ladies here willing to do the ladies of spain borrow every seat orders for sale back to boston
Well he'd been bitten in half but will the waste
Well it proves one thing mister hooper groups that do wealthy college place don't have the education enough to admit when you're wrong
When he runs you drop that rubber you lose your hands I seen fingers too and added the knuckles
Will be permanent I see something permanent
You wanna drink drink clear lake drink to your leg OK so we drink her legs