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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah fuck is shot me for sure and back jesus playing turn you got smokeless cartridges are costly and bloody finger shit up in shop
And why is plank is really there no i'm afraid he's not he's out at the moment will perhaps I can't like if you know what I mean if you could just open the door so I can talk without sharing I can'...
Dino you fucking
I thought he was going to leave me at all day I didn't know you were removals man plank lives in large french app
Jesus never saw unit and I love enjoying yourself is she compass what do you think boo
Look how much is it you want are there after an off white right well that's fifteen hundred then passes scales we
Now I can get back to you even if I could be true shit scared i'm a gazer I got line muscle capital faggots as you want
Say now these guys as well well enough i've been blanking refinement copies so what I like to poop snapping every for public schoolboy softer show it
Shut it you start fucking working why you guys another one then you left
Tippet gates up now yeah yeah sorry gotta do business like this now can't be too careful these days shot it you start fucking working right here guys another one then you left you doing blank what ...
We have got security for a reason with a chill rinsed and sunny plank this way thank Y weapon I fell it easy
We may never lock it when I got it therefore I must have been there fifty times is never locked their not suspicious every one of those is a tough the only that karma crap far down arm nobody nobod...