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Call five oh nine and I say no bomb on jose staying away
Does the haircut mean we're at the business end of the season no the air cut is a privilege becaus I learned the kind of guy that can do it and in one month I have have a new it
I don't want to sell players the club the boards totale with me they don't want to sell players but as I told before if a player is not having
I feel that the world is losing values and we all know that and and envy is coming into certain levels that i'm scared with with specially with the next
I know the potential and um only a only a CD player comes to england with seventy five years old and with the successful career
I think in terms of motivation we are we are even for chip for self for salties in their words the most important match of of their history
Jason what's your overall impression of tonight's performance we didn't score don't score it's not possible to keep using marvelous form when you did get through what do you think
Jose congratulations you're in the final what are your thoughts I just want to say congratulations to my players because was it difficult difficult roads to be in the final
Jose don't mcginnis talksport if you'd just actually obviously ryan giggs has now left the club but one of the things that's always been label that you is that you don't promote youth players ranki...
Jose Mourinho - Manchester United Soundboard Sound
Jose was pokeball worth eighty nine million pounds null no not at all
Lots of players coming in lots of players going out is that's because some players are perhaps changed your opinion of them and not for civil yesterday I had to ask a friend about shirt and be caus...
Module get up that window cause that news in my kitchen we could say SQL all the rest of us discovered object let it do your colleague premier league over twenty two parallel loop
My words is my shirts with his name is my little my little image two somebody that wrote the most beautiful history of the
Should we saw you smiling with tony pulis at the end did you cancel each other out today I don't know what you mean two teams very evenly balanced today but i'm asking you
Thank you so much you need
Thanks jose good afternoon to an anti countries will be broadcasting this game obviously the world is watching everybody in this country is talking about it can you just set the scene for us in ter...
The game is manchester united against manchester city but the subplot and the storyline is being played out that it's chosen renew against pep guardiola that's a problem who wins the game the manag...
The other teams in the premier league the way they they got players and good players and important players and you see the champion two by three fantastic experience players and you see the women
What do you make of the room is it say you put on about porn during the game at last time I can watch after the match I watch immediately
What do you need to do to get on the bench who looks on difficult for him to be on the bench because I cannot compare him with ashley young with me and with
What have you learned about manchester united and maybe what was manchester united learned about you in the time that you would be no I think man united learn that i'm not the monster that you say
What I want I have from them since they won what I want is them to be with the team and they always are
What is playing well playing well is score more goals than the opponent is to concede less goals than the opponent is to make your fence proud because you give absolutely everything is to make your...
When was the first time that you realize phileine was useless I think was in ukraine one and a half months ago sorry eighteen months ago
You didn't think of the chelsea supporters who were equally you judas hello they can call what they want I am a professional
You know clearly that I am different I am difference the rules familiar different I am different in in every in every in everything I watch watch my team play
You made the difference and they give us see very emotional i'm a bit emotional yes it's not easy to win between titles is not easy to entitles so many times