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Fawlty Towers Soundboard

Fawlty Towers Soundboard

Fawlty Towers is a British television sitcom broadcast on BBC2 in 1975 and 1979. Just two series of six episodes each were made. The show was created and written by John Cleese and Connie Booth, who also starred in the show and were married at the time of the first series, but divorced before recording the second series.

Ah hello Sir Riley, and how are you this morning. Oh good, good, no rare diseases. Basil Fawlty, remember? The poor sod you do jobs for.
And if you give us any more trouble, I will visit you in the small hours, and put a bat up your night dress
Do you want to do french food yes constantly there seems like it I miss him and said he saw that you haven't had better hurry the flight leaves in six minutes
Don't wait by myself yes this is your wife who wanted terrible dream
Great hands
He's a fine woman that is told him no I would say there's no no alliance
Hello folding today's
I fought in the Korean war you know I could it was in the catering according to poison them
I learned it from a book
I'll be ready
I'm afraid we have banned in the idea of the proof this afternoon teas so if you wouldn't mind a changing before you go in my people many times
I'm not satisfied no we're not satisfied with people like you never are it was something I could do with pizza palatine shortly strong the rooms
I'm sorry, did I say something funny?
I've never seen anything like it in my life park dot
Nice to share a moment I never said what marriage is all about but I know I read it on the back of a matchbox
No idea idea how sad
Oh what is it now can't you believe in peace
Please so you got a breeze ordinary open air in it
Running lines
Send south puppies inebriated
Since he hasn't anybody he's dead shot was it
So I don't want to debate about it if you're not over here in twenty minutes with my door I should come over there and insert a large garden over and you could do it
Theme Tune - Fawlty Towers
This this this
Voice is my fault is it
What did you tell me where did they tell me don't blame me for this
What's the current events are very good time no expense new pending I think you know what I mean
Which planes women looking for you that's train forty or so charming
Yes but I gotta call yeah spoke to petrify
You know something you disgust me people like you get up to and I think it's different