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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah My Sword Flares
Almighty Money
Assault Cuirass
Boots Of Travel
Bright As Hottest Hell
Bring It
Burned You To The Ashes
Burning Steel
Come Taste The Flame
Damnation Rises
Dont Look Now
Doom Reigns
Eat Your Soul
Face Me
Face Your Demons
Fan The Flames
Feel The Burn
Fires Of The Pit
First Blood
Ha Ha You're Doomed
Handsome Devil
Heaagheh Hah Heh
Heart Of Tarrasque
Hell To Pay
Hells On Earth
I Bring Doom
I Gambled You Lost
I Get My Due
I Hunger
I Mark Your Soul
I Rise From The Flames
I Stoke The Furnace
Ill Give Em Hell
Ill Reignite
Im At Your Shoulder
Infernal Victory
Inferno Takes You
Invested In The Future
It Is Not Time Yet
Its In The Bag
Kaching Withdrawal
Killed And Cauterized
Killing Chen
Killing Lich
Killing Omniknight
Killing Storm Spirit 1
Killing Storm Spirit 2
Luck With Numbers
Midnight Of Your Soul
Mmm Refreshing
My Flame Burns Brighter
My Scepter At Last
Not Enough Mana
Not Going To Happen
Oh Crap
Oh Yes
Paint The Battlefield Red
Precious Dagger
Root Of All Evil
See You In The Seven Hells
Shizzy Wizard
Slash And Burn
Slice Your Throat
Stoke My Fire
The Fire Spreads
The Fire Starts Now
The Ground Burns
The Inferno Blazes
The Inferno Rages
The Seven Hells Hunger
The Soul Eater Hungers
Till Damnation Come
Ultimate Sacrifice
Upon My Horns Ill Gore Thee
Wake In Lowest Hell
Well Hells Bells
What Fresh Hell Is This
What The Hell
With Gratitude
With Sword Of Flame
Worth Every Red Cent
You Are Doomed
You Get The Horns
You're Doomed
Your Cause Is Doomed
Your Entrails Festoon My Horns