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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Golden Lesson
A Landslide Victory
A Lesson Learned
A Perfect Position
A Spirited Chase
A Wayward Path Ends Where It Began
Ah Scepter
All Paths Are One
An Exceptional Find
And So My Legend Begins
Anger 1
Anger 2
Anger 3
Assault Cuirass
Battle Fury
Battle Fury A Furious Blade For A Tranquil Mind
Be At Peace
Black King Bar
Blade Mail
Blink Dagger
Body Is Flesh But Spirit Immortal
Bottom Is Being Sneaky
Boulder Smash
By Way And Way
Caught You
Celestial Scepter
Coin Of The Realm
Covering Ground
Crummy Wizard
Curb Your Excesses
Death Comes So Birth May Follow
Death Is Birth Foretold
Do Not Focus On The Agony
Dont Test My Patience
Dor Each Tool A Purpose
Double Damage
Dying No
Earned Indeed
Earth Spirit
Engage Me
Even Quicker
Everything In Its Time
Exactly So
Eyes Lie But The Spirit Is True
Feet Of Clay
For When Suits Me
Free Of Coin And Life
From Deaths Soil New Life Sprouts
Give Up Now
Gold Eases Many Hardships
Harmonius Increase
Harsh Rebuke
Heah Heh He Heh Heh
Heart Of Tarrasque
Heavy Hitter
Heh Heh
Here We Go
Hoh Hoh Hoh Hoh
I Am Harsh So You May Learn
I Am Reneewed
I Am Shaped To A Higher Order
I Lose Life But Not Spirit
I Must Improve
I Return To Ultimate Order
I Return You To Wholeness
I Set My Stones
I Should Stand There
I Till The Soil Of Your Flesh
I Will Get Blood From This Stone
Im Going
Im Not Ready
Im Not Ready 2
Im Not Ready 3
Im Under Attack
In My Way
In The Bag Taunt
In War A Fools First Lesson Is His Last
Its Not Time Yet
Its Not Time Yet 2
Its Not Time Yet 3
Kiling Brewmaster
Killing Brewmaster 2
Killing Brewmaster 3
Killing Broodmother
Killing Chaos Knight
Killing Chaos Knight 2
Killing Ember
Killing Ember And Storm
Killing Enchantress
Killing Enchantress 2
Killing Enigma
Killing Gyro
Killing Io
Killing Kotl
Killing Kunkka
Killing Lone Druid
Killing Prophet
Killing Prophet 2
Killing Prophet 3
Killing Prophet 4
Killing Sand King
Killing Shaman 1
Killing Shaman 2
Killing Terrorblade
Killing Timber
Killing Timber 2
Killing Tiny
Killing Tiny 2
Killing Tiny 3
Killing Titan
Killing Treant
Killing Tusk
Killing Undying
Killing Undying 2
Killing Ursa
Killing Viper
Killing Weaver
Knowledge Is Golden
Laugh 1
Laugh 2
Laugh 3
Laugh 4
Laugh Kill 2
Lifes Wheel Goes Round And Round
Like A Beaten Blade I Come Back Sharper
Look Whos Back
Mark This Stone
Meeeting Ember
Meeting Brewmaster
Meeting Clockwerk
Meeting Enchantress
Meeting Enigma
Meeting Io
Meeting Prophet
Meeting Prophet 2
Meeting Sniper
Meeting Spirit Breaker
Meeting Spirit Breaker 2
Meeting Storm Spirit
Meeting Timber
Meeting Timber 2
Meeting Tinker
Meeting Tiny
Meeting Tiny 2
Meeting Tiny 3
Meeting Tiny 4
Meeting Titan
Meeting Tusk
Meeting Ursa
Missed The Mark
Missing Bottom
Missing Middle
Missing Top
My Gratitude
My Self Knowledge Deepens
My Spirit Accretes From A Higher Plane
My Spirit Is In Harmony
My Spirit Is Loosened
My Spirit Moves
My Stones Alight
My Talents Increase
My Undestanding Grows
No Mana
No Mana 2
No Mana 3
No Sign Of Bottom
Not Enough Mana
Not Enough Mana 2
Not Enough Mana 3
Not For You
Not So Fast
Not Yet
Not Yet 2
Not Yet 3
Ordered Advance
Out Of Death Comes Birth
Out Of Mana
Out Of Mana 2
Out Of Mana 3
Over There
Perfect Location
Pipe Of Insight
Put Aside For Now
Quick Grip
Quicker Than I Look
Really Really
Resign Your Lands
Return To Your Lands
Rise Stone
Rolling In
Rumble Roll
Sange And Yasha
Set In Stone
Shadow Blade
Shitty Wizard
Shivas Guard
Slow Goes
Step Aside
Stone Dagger
Stones Bones
Stones Collect
Stones Throw
Taking Damage 1
Taking Damage 2
Taking Damage 3
Taking Damage 4
Taking Damage 5
That Was Impressive Actually
That Which Arises From That Which Is Not
Thats A Good Spot
The Earth Lies Beaten
The End Of The Path Is The Beginning
The Enemy Strikes
The Great Wheel Turns Again
The Spirit Is Willing But The Flesh Is Weak
The Terrestrial Sphere Imbues My Spirit
The Ways Of Life And Death Converge
There Is Tranquility In Death
Theres No Body To Bury
This Beginning Marks Their End
This Way
Thrice The Spirit
Through Conflict Ones Nature Is Revealed
To Me
Top Is Up To Something