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Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends

Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends

Pulsefire Caitlyn Soundboard from League of Legends (LoL). League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A closed loop is a situation contained
A little proactive preparation
A primitive projectile weapon interesting
After this is all over your coming with me
All you had my time feelings
Alright you primitive 's listen up this is my boomstick
Anytime anyplace I will find them
Are positively retro
Are you version six or seven i've lost count
Arrest in progress
At least you died with your boots on
Awareness of the present is the key to having a future
Back to the primordial ooze with you
Back to work
Been here done this
Better luck next time cupcake
Boom brain hole
Boom cranium blast
Boom nonexistence
Boom traumatic brain injury
Bottoms up
Chrono upgrade complete
Chronology protection point set
Chronostasis field disengaged
Could have sworn it fell to the left
Countermeasures engaged
Criminal criminal neutralized
Cute toy kid
Deja vu all over again
Do you feel lucky punk
Dodge this
Don't aim where they are aimed where they were
End of the timeline punk
Entropy is consistent in all timelines
Even a post called could see that coming
Even time can't heal a headshot
Everybody runs
Everyone leaves tracks his are all over the krono field
Everyone wants more time
Everything crumbles with time
Exhale and fire
Experience superior technology
Fast is fine but accuracy is everything
For the future
Frozen in ice primitive but effective time travel
Ha ah
Ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Happiness is a family active temporal blaster
He's here
Head shots are lethal in any era
Here's a prediction you're going to die
Here's a taste of things to come
Here's a warning it's a trap
History is more durable than you think
How elementary
How primitive
I can hit a target at three hundred meters three hundred years in the past
I can't believe how used to dress like that
I don't have time for this
I don't want to talk about time travel it always ends in diagrams
I have to stop him before he does something tragic like uninvented headshots
I know this road I know exactly how it needs to end
I might have time for some big game hunting
I see you
I take out trash temporal trash i'm a temporal garbage woman
I thought this fight already we win
I'm definitely going to need a bigger gun
I'm from the future
I'm going to shoot you into nonbeing
I'm the pune police and you're under arrest
I've been through harder training sims
I've closed the time like curve
I've come too far to turn back
If faulty please return to the ministry of love
In my sights
In the end I will always catch you
In the future dancing is illegal
In the future one of us is alive hint it's not you
In the future we call that getting wrecked
Is it under warranty if it breaks before it's even been built
It gets easier every time
It's easy hold the trigger and their timeline
It's easy to understand time recursion the first step is you have to understand time recursion
It's just a jump to the left
It's no precog link but it'll do
It's not the past that drives me it's the future
It's now or never
Just a few more evolutionary cycles and you'll get it right
Keep moving on
Krono recall engaged
Laser precision
Let's crack on
Let's go save the future and then fill out the appropriate paperwork
Like you never existed
Lookout boys there's a new sheriff in town
Love me some trend amir
Mecca connection terminated
Mines bigger than yours
No escape
No one is guaranteed a future
No ones altering the past on my watch
No signs of intelligent life
Not even stars last forever
Not quite as tasty as a cupcake
Not so fast
Nothing can stop me now
Nothing is future proof
Now when is that little time explorer gotten off too
Now who belongs in a museum
Observation is everything
Of course time can be broken why do you think I have a gun
Oh I hope you want my grandmother she made delicious cupcakes
Oh that may affect my timeline
Oh that might break the continuum
Oh that's fun in every timeline
One singularity net coming up
Ooh vintage
Paradox resolved
Peacemaker protocol initiated
Prepare yourself
Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Caitlyn - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire jump complete
Reality is held together by laws
Recon complete
Retroactive preparation confirmed
Set weapon power to three sixty disable scope
So predictable
So twenty sixteen
So we are allies now this timeline is all wrong
Someone cares you died not me but someone
Sometimes forever is just one second
Sometimes you have to go back to move forward
Stop ah
Taking necessary action
Tempest fugit scumbag
Temporal accelerators acquired
Temporal field stabilized
Temporal sync reset
That feels better
That was a long time coming
That was easy
That was extraordinary
That was the way it was supposed to end
That would have been better with frosting and sprinkles
That's a temporal infraction for wasting my time
That's got some cake
That's not again this is a gun
The future 's only hope is in the barrel of my gun
The future catches up with everyone
The future is looking brighter
The future isn't something to play fast and loose with
The future must be secured
The guilty always make mistakes
The guns mine but here have a few rounds
The kroner fugitive is here
The last revision is the only one that counts
The past isn't going to sort itself out
The remembrances say I win this one
The remembrances will have a field day with this
The time is now
The witness described my target is being uniquely annoying could it be you
There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact
There was no time left to hide in
There's no fighting the future
There's nothing a cupcake consoles
They better have coffee in this timeline
They can't arrest these sick moves
They don't make them like this anymore
Thinking you have more time is the sweetest bait
This is going to require a ton of paper work
This is my temporal plasma blaster I pointed at someone they cease to exist
This is the sound of inevitability
This moment is all you get
This place is purely primitive
This should be easy my weapon is fueled by rubbish
This time machine here can blow your head clean off
This timeline is sugar coated
This timeline looks fabulous on you
This truly is their darkest timeline
This will be memorable for me at least
Time breach repaired
Time cannot be a circle it has to be a line
Time dilation can be a real pain
Time has laws time is law
Time heals all wounds not quite
Time is of the essence
Time is really more of a flat circle with crosshairs
Time loop closed
Time they stop but I won't
Time to pull the trigger
Time to put the world right
Time to run
Time to take the shot
Time to take the shot
Time to unplug
Time travel is not impossible just highly improbable
Time waits for no one
Time warp field regenerating
Times up
Tomorrow is now
Too bad this model isn't powered by tears
Want to know your future you don't have one
We can't fix the past if we stay in the future
We can't just see the past we have to observe
We can't just see the past we have to observe
We should have stopped you sooner
We were unnecessary in the future
Well I already have a big gun might as well
Well that's all in order
What's an antique
When could he be
Where i'm going I don't need hats
Where i'm going I don't need roads
Who needs a warrant
You can save the world next time