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Illaoi - League of Legends

Illaoi - League of Legends

Illaoi Soundboard from League of Legends (LoL). League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A fool and his spirit are easily parted
A ruler ashinaga cable rose show naga show
Abomination you are without motion
Again pushing on one
Age is my burden to carry an I of god it is my privilege to see the truth
All is motion
All is nagasaki burroughs
All of us are born storms
All of us are lost all of us online you must swim toward your destiny
All on bahru take this test I passed it long ago
All that lives moves
Another key border surrounds us
Another key boris hooky hooky
Back rule attacchi
Bearded lady nagasaki borrows names don't matter action does
Blessid is motion
Change or feel my god 's wrath
Change or you will be pulled down
Chiefs what is desired
Child you must earn your soul prove yourself
Cool this is the lesson
Could evil why should we care for such things
Countless lifetimes lead our bodies forward and drive us toward the true destiny
Creature why would I listen to lies when I can see the truth
Creature you move but are useless
CS today and you learn tomorrow
Did she not show you the way forward go
Did you blundering into victory or did you learn
Do not dia do not slow pushed onward
Don't do it because you again
Don't stop
Donna duty what you're hot demands is all that matters
Drive forward it is estimated cost you
Duty honor nations these are stagnant falsehoods
Each moment is
Each night time is a spirit each lifetime is a chance take it
Each of your lives has served the vortex
Emotion is all
Even if I die I die in motion
Every day is waiting to be taken
Exactly if you want your soul take it
False prophet you don't even serve a true god
Fight me if you have those spirit
Fighting died with purpose
Finally a man who won't break
Foolish spirit be gone
Foolish spirit be gone
Foolish spirit be gone
Gangplank was drowning your actions reminded him to swim
Gangplank will find you
Gangplank will find you
Gangplank will find you
Give up and your life is nothing
Go back to where men are weak and need your inspiration
Grotto shock borrachinha matter rubra
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Here is good use it
Here they call you a monster in peru we would call you dinner
How could I love only one man they break too easily
I am a teacher bilgewater will learn
I am going to walk all over them
I am here to test source
I am your enemy becausr you offend my god be cause you cannot change
I break hearts I breaks pains
I broke means hearts I broke mean spines you're the first who's going to get boat
I do not challenge you I bring you the test
I do not challenge you I bring you the test
I do not walk alone I am with my god it is here
I do not want excuses the failure was yours
I don't scare I don't tire and I don't stop
I don't want you to fail I wanted to learn
I don't want you to worship I want you to learn
I know you are strong I wonder if you have stamina
I like this I should buy everyone one of these
I value truth and barbecue
I want you to hit me as hard as you can
I will bring you if that's what it takes
I'll talk
I'll talk guys are you i'll talk I saw you i'll talk I saw you
I'm not big on sermons broken bones teach better lessons
If I hate something I destroy it if I want something I take it
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Illaoi - League of Legends Sound
Isolate greater serpents as a child
It is terrible to be satisfied the world needs us to chase dreams
It is the storm that is life
It is you who have shown gangplank his path for that I thank you
Keep going keep driving this is our way
Langley now you are in motion
Laws rules these are falsehoods truth is chaos
Learn when or you will be tested again
Leave your journey or die in mine
Leave your life chase what you desire what else matters
Let's begin again
Life is not balance it is motion
Life is the sweetness of fruit and the joy of battle
Life is too short for fear
Little one I don't need empathy seat those who do
Love by lee
Many die worthy sores find new forms
Many gods asked for worship they are weak guns
Maroon or atalia to shock
Men live men die change is good
My boy bahru dolly yet she
My god doesn't want peace
My god doesn't want you to kneel it wants you to buy
My god is motion but speed is useful
My god is not love it is a kick in the pants
My mother demands her time
My name is allowing
Naga show
No ah
No love is impossible my god demands you follow your desires
Not bad at least you're moving
Not man there are emotions I would like to show you
Not truth
Now do you see the truth
Now we begin
Number keyboard with success shorten tired
Oh everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face
Oh oh
Only what moves only what lives has value
Ooh child you are cute but I doubt you will before long
Perhaps you're not obvious that long
Reality is brutal
Say yama oh gosh i
She's my god that protects me but these metal clothes are nice
Smile child or i'll shove george onto your brain
So why would I need a spirit him I am guided by nagasaki borrows
Sorry I don't have to teach you again
Speed and I bring you true death
Spell creature you would stop time when all things must move
Sterak it is the fury of the mother I will bring
Sure you do not talk about us negative moral she shock
Taking back your spirit
The batteries last only when you saw being done by yourself
The C is ripe for battle
The crack and the serpent the hydra a god 's appearance is limited only by those observing it
The failure of your lives is written on your soul
The ocean is com it is our desires that stir it
The tempest is naga K boross you serve but i'm blind
The truth is all around you
The vertex is all
The waves will drag you down unless you fight to shore
There is joy in food and fighting
There is only one outcome
They are kind and gentle gods mine isn't one of those
They have cheated you of rebirth
They must be tested to grow
They need wisdom they don't need teeth
They will learn or they will die
Things should be held only when we need them
This ends one of two ways they run or I break them
This fits me better than gang blank
This is a great day
This is how you learn
This is motion
This is not what we have is is what we can throw away
This is the first lesson
This is the motion all is nagasaki boros
This is the test
This is the way of nagasaki borrows ocean
This moment is waiting to be seized
This will be a good day if you leave
This will be quick
To ashaki author to our shock yahoo elmo
To challenge to fight this pleases number keyboard
To die is to drown so I will swim well till I can swim no more
To live is to fight
Trust the motion or spirits are noggle K borrows
Ugly thing you were designed by god you are made by fools
Watch your mouth or i'll slap the solar you
We are already seeing the truth only reminds us
We are born knowing what to do we must only act
We are not one soul we are many
We cannot comprehend the design a raindrop cannot comprehend on river valley
We know your true name we do not feel you
We learn from axle move or die
We never stop
Well done
Well good fight
What is truly noble and good would never ask you to serve another
What kind of stupid god made you
What you desire you must take
When I am done with this it will make a fine authoring
Who is ron doing well she a priestess
Who won shiau skia who won sheils tire
Wisdom is frequently or kick in the head
Without change something sleeps inside us and seldom awakens
Yes you are living
You are a cloud of broken souls you are an abomination
You are a cycle without purpose I will end you
You are a foul creation born from ignorance
You are drowning I want you to swim
You are in motion
You are in motion but only as a parasite on a host
You are in motion love
You are not free from death you are dead
You are not in motion
You are not welcome here creature
You are slaves in chain by lies when we were born to chase our desires
You are the tiniest sliver of energy him briefly in shape wear this synergy flows is your destiny
You cannot hide
You cannot hide from god you cannot hide from the test
You have been tested you have done well
You have followed our ways is it born to them