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Nightbringer Yasuo - League of Legends

Nightbringer Yasuo - League of Legends

Nightbringer Yasuo Soundboard from League of Legends (LoL). League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A certain darkness his necessary
A fire storm is coming
A vision of darkness is all I require
Absolute judgment is the first transgression
Admit it my freedom teraph eyes you
All blades bends toward chaos
Anarchy among you
And all that's best of dark and bright
And infernal edge
And so dark nis I become
Anger builds.
Anger hate love it is all chaos
Another massacre in the name of peace
Battle is my destiny
Better broken than to perfect live
Better to die on your feet
Call rule is meant to be broken
Can your wings bear you above your denial
Chaos burns within our soul
Chaos conquers all
Chaos does not bind it freeze
Chaos flows in all directions
Chaos he's unmoved by your tears
Chaos is an unquenchable thirst
Chaos will break you
Chaos will clip your wings
Chaos will reign like a firestorm of ash
Chaos will remake you
Civility is over rated
Cling to harmony and you are robbed of freedom
Come into the dark
Coming from you i'll take that as a compliment
Conflict he's our only feet
Conviction has betrayed you
Could be contained is torture
Darkness above despair beneath around it flame within its death
Darkness cannot be beaten
Darkness falls with my blade
Darknesses coming
Darknesses needed to see the light for what it is
Darknesses not condemnation it is release
Day will fall to darkness
Dependencies weekness
Discord burns away falsehood
Discord ignites my soul
Discord sets the universe of flame
Disorder humbles all
Do universe trees chaos
Drive set you free
Enjoy the darkness we have sugared confections
Eternal night will cover this land forever
Every blade its own master
Everything must come to an end
Fear is not real only an illusion of order
Fear the fire within the darkness
Fight let chaos consume you
Fight your demons face maine
Flash fire
Follow and lose yourself
Follow your path and it will break you
Freedom is one
Freedom is order broken
From discord we are reborn
From the ashes rise is a universe reborn
Ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Harmony is a harsh mistress
Harmony is a lie told to force obedience
Harmony isn't the answer it's the problem
Harness emotion
Have you really come to talk with maine again
How should I agree with silence and tears
I am courage without conscience
I am embers on the wind
I am the storm
I am the wind of change
I am thunder I am lightning
I am your abyss
I am your demon
I do not regret that which must be done
I have given you freedom
I hunger for discord my thirst for battle is unquenchable
I hunt the light
I know what I am
I like the way to your darkness
I owe my shadow and now yours
I walk the path of disorder
I will break them all
I will burn this world to ash
I will never bend to the light
I will not be contained
I will not be tamed
I will rip this world apart
If you weren't made for destruction why do you break so easily
In shadows they hide from darkness
In the end light always succumbs to darkness
In the end the choice will be mine
It is time the heart should be unmoved
It's not wings you offer but shackles
Know your enemy no there blade
Laws bind lesser beings
Let go and freedom will find you
Let go of your perfection
Let us dance angel
Levity is overrated for a brooding soul
Long long shall I rue the too deeply to tell
My blade is no darker than your heart
My blade my choice
My demons are more powerful than yours
My fire does not fear the light
My rage is as deadly as my blade
Never regret that which must be done
Night rends the dawn
Nightbringer Yasuo - League of Legends Sound
Nightbringer Yasuo - League of Legends Sound
No more words let the blade this side
No regrets
No way out of chaos
Nothing lasts forever
On any path that is mine
Only a coward clings to tranquil dreams
Only challenge can bring true change
Only darkness remains
Only the broken are truly free
Order and chaos aligned
Order breeds ignorance
Order does not provide safety
Order does not want allies she seeks slaves
Order is a shepherd calling the lambs to slaughter
Order is an allusion nothing more
Order is deception chaos truth
Order no longer binds you
Orders hold is only temporary
Our conflict is the crucible of reality
Pain chaos lee live
Peace is an allusion
Perfection is the cruelest lie
Rage destroys all in its path
Rebellion feeds the demon inside
Restraint suffocates the soul
Revel in your selfish desire
Revolution inevitable
Run sheet fury
Seeking the light is a selfish prayer
She will pay
Should be alive is to know suffering
So do the dark in seoul expire
So I will shut her order
So rides the mind remorse hath rhythm
Some choose their path others are condemned to it
Soon I will plunge all into darkness
Strength comes from being broken
Strength is fighting alone
Summon your fury
Tell groove I cheek and cold
The best demons are the unpredictable ones
The crucible of chaos melts even an iron will
The damage to the most dangerous
The darkness within is stronger than the darkness without
The darknesses overtaking you
The final twilight is at hand
The light cannot hold maine I will not be restrained
The light does not save it conquers
The light fears maine
The light towers in shadow
The light will fall I will cut it down
The light withers before maine
The only sucker I require re solitude
The truth slipped through their grasp
The universe breaks everyone
The universe does not reward restrict
The universe is unbalanced
There is beauty in a broken world
There is doubt within you
There is no gray only light and dark
There is no shame in choosing chaos
There will be no dawn
They will all see darkness
This blade my soul
This is not over
This side who you are
This world is split
This world needs to burn
Those who live in shadow cannot dream of light
True strength comes from being torn apart
Truth offers no comfort in death
Turmoil gives way to opportunity
Unity is another word for obedience
Unshackle your anger
Vigilance against the light
We are not made to follow orders
We are not meant for perfection angel I will live you will kneel you will break
We only see what the light wants us to see
We will meet again
What does not consume the fire the fire will consume
What is order but a blade most dull
When will you give up angel
Will destroy is a primal promise
Will universe weights and trembles
Without chaos the universe is nothing
Without maine your existence is meaningless
Without short wings think what might have been
Yesterday was a dream tomorrow is darkness
You and I are from a time before memory a memory is all you will be
You are afraid of maine good
You are blinded by your own light
You are released
You cannot enslave darkness
You cannot hide from maine
You chose his side it failed you
You dangerous but I am more
You deny your darkness
You know all order a secret disorder
You mistake light for truth
You need the dark
You were meant to be broken
You're welcome
Your demons reside in the dark
Your ignorance does not amuse maine
Your rules will be the first to break
Your truth shatter so easily
Your weaknesses my strength
Your will falters
Your words echo into nothing