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Kindred - League of Legends

Kindred - League of Legends

Kindred Soundboard from League of Legends (LoL). League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A careless step
A fine life reaches its conclusion
A sharper blade makes for a cleaner death
All life is temporary
All sparks kindle new flames
All things great and small
All things linger shadow
All who run are my
All will know us in time
All your life has led to this moment
And embolden thief I would eat it
And everywhere lamb when wolf was sure to follow
And everywhere lamb wins wolf was sure to follow
Another friend
Are you there dear wolf are you sad what does it feel like a long hunt with no trouble
Beauty fades that is why it is beautiful
Call wolf strikes
Can't wait for them to flee
Chase the cat
Chasing is the best game in the world and I always win
Choose now my aeros
Come psion let us end this mockery
Cut them deeper
Depart in peace
Drift gently into oblivion
Embracing life means accepting death
Eternal twilight calls for you
Every life is with us
Fate hunts you today
Fear makes the chase more fun
Feet tired fast
Fits of them stick in my class
Follow the tracks
For us or them
Forged in a land unwelcome to us
Free or stand firm
Fun trace
Go easily fresh
Go wolf run them down
Ha ha huh huh
Have they forgotten us yes little lamb all still know us though they tried to forget soon we will remind them
Have we met before
He know will come yet they're never prepared
He song sounds good the singer mistakes melody for substance
He struggled kulik
Her you are
Hold still wolf don't shoot maine
How does hunger feel always fair
How fast can you run
How long will we be together forever more
How old are we lamb older than those whose footsteps are long vanished I remember them all
How one dies shows how one live
Hurry them faster
Hush now rest
I hope this one has strong legs
I smell prey
I smell their fear
I will chase it until it's dead
I wonder how they see me
I'll give you a running start not that it will help
I'm hungry i'm hungry i'm bored chase chase chase now
Icy water they're called tears
If it draws breath yes
Is it time we will soon awaken from this pale slumber
Is this where it feels like the end I do not know for this is not our end to others come back those who do wish they hadn't
It's heart beats fast now it knows
Kindred - League of Legends Sound
Kindred - League of Legends Sound
Kindred - League of Legends Sound
Kindred - League of Legends Sound
Kindred - League of Legends Sound
Kindred - League of Legends Sound
Kindred - League of Legends Sound
Kindred - League of Legends Sound
La la la la la
Life is ours
Long have we shadowed your deeds and face us now
My hours
My turn chase to your heart 's content
Never one without the other
Never one without the other
No more words
No much for maine none are direwolf
No much for us few are direwolf
No that was mine
None can hide
Not good night though many try
Not here not yet
Now wolf my turn
Of course is with stolen lives
Our mark is lifted
Our mark looms over you
Panic not when life ebbs
Peacefully they go
Pop the balloon
Power out the throat
Ranger is well versed in the ways of the hunter he is pray
Ready to chase too bad
Return to nothing
Right there's more
Rip them tidbits
Run if you can
Run now
Rushing to meet us again I see
Savor life 's closing act
Shall we direwolf
Sharp enough to slice the veil between life and death
Shine once more before the end
Sometimes death is a blessing
Strip away their armor
Such befalls all who bear are mark
Tell me a story and with dark hair who was very lonely why was it lonely all things must meet this man so they shunned him he took an axe and split himself into right down the middle these have a f...
Tell me again little them which things are mine to take all things their wealth
That are data data
That at at at at at at at a
That data
That was a good chase
That was fun
That was meant to be ours
The chase ends more lie ahead direwolf
The hunt begins
The mask so the kindred CQ
The only true death is to never live
The weft and weave of fate guide
The weft and weave of fate guide the heart is back on
The weft and weave of fate guides hum uh how do I get home go again
Their path is destined to cross houres
There are no wolves like maine
There's so many ways to die
They always turns to food
They break too easy
They erased from us only to find us sooner
They laugh and scream and then free
They shall not ignore us so easily
They shall only hear my voice
They will see two of maine
Thinks he can beat us this is called denial
This next one will be easy and if not more fun
This one is ready
This one is yours
This will hurt lots
Those who dread US grant S the most power
Those who run from death stood still in life
Time to
Tomorrow is a hope never a promise
Treasure your final moments
Trees make a boring chase
We are not dreams we are the waking
We have your name and your son
We know your name child woven across countless almost lives
We know your name we have always known it
We shall remember this theft
We take our mark only to place it elsewhere
We understand your loneliness but stay away
We would always direwolf
Well hunted direwolf
What do all stories have in common direwolf
What folly it is to snatch our marks
What happens if you miss I don't know
What sound do they make feathers falling on fresh snow
When you see us
Who's the next everyone
Will favor on let's find out
Wolfchase is what does not willingly go
Words words LOL up you trying pu are you imitating me
You overstep
You shine brightly
You steal from us we steal from you
You stole my chase
Your next treat direwolf
Your time has come ready or not