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A steady blade balances the soul
Aho da
Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu
An excellent fight
And you master
Any chocolates brother
Arigato yo
Baihu genji ultimate
Baihu ultimate friendly
Behind you
Break the limit
Chikara ga minagitte kuru
Come on
Defend as one
Does the suffering of the omnics here
Enemy sighted
Enemy teleporter destroyed
Enemy teleporter detected
Enemy turret
Enemy turret destroyed
Even here I feel an outcast
Fantastic technique
Flow like water
Genji blackwatch yes
Genji here
Genji I heard you used to have all the high scores here
Genji is with you
Genjis here sentai
Group up
Group up here
Hah simple
Hanzo together we couldve built an empire
Hanzo you are mistaken brother
Hanzo you may call yourself my brother
Hanzo you will never amount to anything
Heh I found the teleporter
Honki o misete miro
Human beings are weak
I always liked working with you
I am a different man now I am whole
I am at peace with who I was
I am certain of it
I am healed
I am ready
I am repaired
I am taking the objective
I am unstoppable
I am victorious this time
I have spotted the enemy
I have the upper hand this time master
I learned that from my brother
I need healing
I passed many an hour
I require healing
I return to the fight
I still have much to learn
I understand
I was hoping for a challenge
I wiill avenge you
I will not falter
I will not waste this chance
Iku zo
Im on fire
It is an honor
It is beautiful here
It is not too late to change your course brother
It was nothing
Iza jinjo ni shobu
Join me
Joto da
Just setting foot here sets my soul at ease
Kamai tachi
Kaze yo
Keep the payload in motion
Know yourself in the face of death
Kono teido ka
Let us hope for a different outcome
Life and death balance on the edge of my blade
Like cutting through silk
Mada mada
Measure twice cut once
Mercy genji chocolates1
Mercy genji chocolates2
Mercy you seem well genji
Merry christmas
Mi o sutete mo myori wa sutezu
Mi o sutetemo myori wa sutezu
Mizu no yo ni nagare
Mo issen negaou
Mock death at your own peril
Most enjoyable
Much better
My aim is unerring
My blade is ready
My brother mondatta
My halloween costume cyborg ninja
My ult is ready
My ultimate is almost ready
My ultimate is charging
My warrior spirit burns
Oitsukeru kana
Oni genji ultimate
Oni genji ultimate friendly
Only here do I not feel outcast
Ore wa kaza da
Our enemies have deployed a shield generator
Our enemies have the upper
Our enemies possess a teleporter
Our enemies return
Our paths cross for now
Our point is under attack
Our point is under attack guests
Push forward
Push the payload
Ramen its just not the same anymore
Rin pyo to sha kai jin retsu zai zen
Ryujin no ken wo kurae
Seishin toitsu
Senri no michi mo hito ashi zutsu hakobunari
Shi no nioi ka yoshi itsu demo koi
So this is what has become of you a pity
Sono teido ka
Stop the payload
Strength flows through me
Take cover
Tatakai wa owaran
Thank you
That was another life
That was your dream not mine
Thats right wait used to hey where did they all go
The advantage is mine
The battle draws to its conclusion
The dragon and I are one
The dragon becomes me
The enemy teleporter
The heart of a man still beats
The objective is mine
The payload is moving
The payload is stopped
The payload moves
The winds of death are strong
Think upon your actions
This is my home now
This is my sword
Time is against us
To know yourself is to be at peace
Try me
Unbreakable body
Very well
Victory draws near
Wa ga kokoro ha ryuu no kokoro
Waga kokoro meikyoshisui
Waga tamashi wa fukushu o motomeru
Waga tamashi wa kinko o motomeru
Waga tamashi wa mada moete oru
Watch yourself
We are losing the objective
We must press our
We need to stop the payload
We shall see brother
What would our father think
Whats wrong hanzo dont you recognize me
Why dont we find out
You are only human
You seem nice
Youve rescued me again doctor ziegler
Zenyatta it is good to fight alongside one of my brightest pupils