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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And now our very own South Park Elementary Chef will sing a special song in honor of Mrs Lee Gifford. Thank you, Mr mayor, you know Kathy Lee. You are a very special woman. I don't mean special in ...
Babe are you know you don't want for Maine and all that? I want to be Z yeah I mean an her something. Are you a new simultaneously loving be back two or three simultaneous comma hell it over my pul...
Chef Song
Chef's Luv Shack (South Park Soundboard) Sound
Come on children, feel my sexual fantasy.
Crackers Paris. Turn into little cracker *** cracker race.
Good *** **** soccer.
Have y'all been sodomized? No children too.
Hello there children.
Hello there children.
How would you like it sodomize my black ***
How's it going?
I want to stick my balls inside your rectum.
I'm going to Make Love to the children.
I'm going to Make Love to you Walmart. Going to let you down by the fire.
I'm going to Make Love to your ******* Julie.
It is right for love? You know I wanna touch you. So love gravy expansion love so sweet my water give you burning like a dog I need a ride Gray gentlemen, Mr Elton John Tonight Rap Dude that is rap...
Mount, Hope Yours to hormones filter every woman in town.
Sure, let me see you little song about the minstrel cycle. I think it might clear things up for you. OK, cool, baby, yeah baby, who? Baby yeah, baby yeah, baby now baby Oh yeah yes yes baby yeah Ye...
That's right, thank you goodbye everybody.
This whole cracker *** town can kiss my.
Tomorrow through the casserole.
Uh, specializes in your ******* Carl.
Well, I'll be sodomized on Christmas.
What the hell did you do that for?
When a man loves a woman, come on now is a man actually. Sometimes a man doesn't love a woman, but you act like you don't know to get some action. The Magic starts to have fun and the two take off ...
Would you children like to suck on my chocolate salty balls?
Would you like some Salisbury steak?
Yeah, well, I learned a very important lesson this week. Sometimes you fall in love and you think it feels that way forever. You change your life any better, but they love goes away no matter what....
You bet goodbye children.
You got fit personality schizophrenic jeebies.
You see children. Sometime a man needs to be with a woman, but sometimes when the love is over, the woman just want to talk and talk and talk and talk. But a prostitute is someone who would love yo...
You've got to hold you football like you would hold your lover gently and get firmly. You want to be both nurturing, you had cleaning at the same time. So yeah, just like making sweet love to the f...