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Basrutten Soundboard

Basrutten Soundboard

Basrutten sound clips to play and download.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A bar room punch? You know, the Big Haymaker. Sometimes it can be a hook.
A counter always counter.
A good friend of mine told me.
A mirror on a body.
An inverted heel hook.
And again.
And all be cause he was hitting my wife.
And I promise you that will hurt.
And I promise you.
And it really works.
And it's over an out.
And there I told him to let me go, and he didn't let me go. I asked him again. I said, Don't buy, don't buy, don't do it. so I thought let's throw him through the window. But like I said when he ca...
And what about the kick in the groin?
As right as good as possible.
Basrutten Soundboard Sound
Basrutten Soundboard Sound
Basrutten Soundboard Sound
Because 5 seconds it's going to take before you going to be choked out, OK?
Because I tell you one more time.
Because she tried to kill me, so I gotta return it the favor.
Bottle barn.
But control the knife. That's the weapon.
But that probably will like a Jackie Chan Roundhouse kick.
But that's just me.
But why not give him a little damage that he's going to regret for about five or six months?
Everybody underestimates the kick in the groin.
Fast food.
Finish the situation or get out.
He hit your wife or your girlfriend, or maybe hit your kid or he loves his dark. Maybe he kicked his dog.
He was drunk. I was drunk and it was all in good play and he grabbed me from the back and he started biting in my bag.
I can do pretty much anything boom I want.
I don't believe in an eye for an eye. I believe in two ice for an eye.
I look like Donald Duck.
I saw a waiter putting some hot sauce on somebody's foot and he dropped one little drop of hot sauce into his eye in the Eiffel, the customer and the guy was screaming from pain. It didn't work.
I think it's a stupid.
I was drunk.
I'm gonna die OK?
I'm sorry Sir, but I'm going to break your leg.
I'm sorry, Sir.
I'm sorry.
I've been a bouncer for many many years.
It goes we.
It's always trying. It's never 100% proof, but if you don't try, you going to lose anyway.
It's kind of overlook. It's like kind of a throw punch that they make.
It's like a kind of exorcist move. I did this to an opponent in Japan. Takahashi and I actually broke his shinbone.
Keep your opponents always in front of you.
Let me explain to you something about porcelain, OK?
Let me explain to you something about the haymaker OK?
Let me tell you first that I've been around.
Let's stop. This whole situation is.
Like I told you before.
Listen, follow. This is the thing.
Look, sure, I really don't want anything of this.
Looky look what we got here.
My first thing that I want to tell you.
Never ever turn your back.
Normally his knee will blow out, this time with Takahashi. He broke his shinbone OK.
Now Haha I don't have any hair.
Now this situation happened in Kiev to Maine, with a known fighter Paul violence.
OK man, I'm going to go. I'm going to sleep you throughout.
OK, let's imagine I have her OK.
Once again, very important.
Pay attention to me.
Pay close attention.
Pulling depends down and try to hide bottle.
Ranges of combat.
Right away.
Scott Harmon
So because he was drawing, he didn't realize how hard he was biting and he was biting through my skin when I came home, the thief were through my skin.
So I know my things.
So let's try.
Somebody's telling me that about my wife.
Thank you very much.
The first thing that I would do is always simple. Go to the groin.
This happens a lot to women.
This is a situation I want to be not in.
This is porcelain. It will have sharp edges and it could cut your throat. You can cut people with it.
This is the full kinda Goran boom right there.
This is very important.
This stabbing device.
Triangle Bang Bang though I'm not.
Trust me.
Very effective.
Very important.
We can do games like pull their pants down and I despise bottle. It's one thing to do.
We got kicking range. We got a faraway range.
We have close range.
We have the range punching range.
What can you do with this?
Wrong move. Don't do that to Al Wapo.
You could have been death my friend.
You gonna die.
You have to understand.
You're going to hear this right? I look like Donald Duck.