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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right, I need a phone number. I can call you on my cell phone.
All right, what is the number I can reach you at officer?
Already also Sugar Creek that closer.
Alright, hold on office. Are you still there?
Alright, I'm calling Sugar Creek Police Department.
Alright, thank you.
Alright, well children. Police department's on the way to my house right now.
Alright, you still there.
And I guess so having some sort of problem with the phone, they keep saying that I'm calling somebody.
And who are you?
And you are who?
Are you feeling well?
Are you listening to a word? I said Google but number that keeps calling you, you *******
Are you making connections worldwide, apparently?
Are you still there OK?
At 3:30
Been outside working on the transmission.
Blow it out your *** or ******* do something.
Bro, come on with it then.
But I keep explaining to you that just not listing that I'm not who you think I am.
But you got something confused. You Buddy 'cause I've been calling you.
Call my phone again and I'm gonna find you and the points are gonna be at your door step.
Come on over.
Did your phone just Rang?
Do people got me really confused here?
Don't bother calling me back buddy. I never called you.
Dunkin, are you still there?
Give me a number I can reach you at.
Go **** yourself, you *** **** I ain't the one calling you you ******* ******
Good, how are you?
Google search engine you ******
Happy Martin.
Hey you **** ***
Hey you stupid ****** ****** You call my phone.
Hey, you better watch your ******* mouth buddy.
Hoosier anymore.
How is this involving me in Missouri?
I believe it.
I did not.
I didn't call your phone, you call my phone **** ***
I don't drink dump ****
I don't know what that is.
I don't know who you are man.
I don't live in Kansas. You know where the **** you want?
I don't want trouble with nobody, just you're the one my ******* phone Rang. I answered it and I'd like to start getting cut that.
I got a 50 caliber that says you ain't coming through my ******* door. You **** ***
I have not been drinking. I don't drink you stupid ****
I just got a phone call and this guys like I'm going to get you you ****** ******
I live in love in 205.
I never called you last night.
I never made a phone call. My phone Rang.
I rent I owned by vehicle. Don't make no payments for nobody *******
I talk to you a little bit ago when we having a messed up phone call and I called the Sugar Creek Police Department.
I want yes. I do want you to show it to my ******* house.
I wish you was. We get this straightened out Jesus ******* Christ.
I'll talk to them and get this all straightened out.
I'm 30
I'm a man.
I'm calling from my cell phone and they're on my house phone.
I'm calling that number right now.
I'm looking for Debbie Duncan.
I'm not doing anything man. My phone Rang. You're the one arguing me saying, I called you. You gave the address into ******* across the street, saying it's me **** ***
I'm not gonna get arrested for nothing. I ain't done, nothing *******
I'm on my cell phone with him, you're on my phone number.
I'm sorry what.
I'm sorry who is this?
I'm sorry, Sir, I'm at a loss.
I'm talking to you now.
Impersonating a Sheriff. I'm sure as a felony.
Is this the dumb as it thinks? I live in sugar Creek.
It wasn't Maine.
It's 11205.
It's not even my phone number.
Jackson County
Jackson County Sheriff
Just ready to shoot Maine? You're the one committing a crime.
Just Skype user.
Let's see the Jackson County Sheriff's Department says.
Listen to Maine.
Michael Shockley
My name is Michael Shockley.
My name is Michael Shockley.
My name?
My phone is my cell phone saying it's not a working number.
My phone Rang. I picked it up.
No, don't go nowhere.
No, I did not call the mobile phone Sir. My phone Rang, I picked up and that is when mean you started our change.
No, I was talking to somebody else and now I'm talking to you somehow.
Oh somebody called me 'cause my phone Rang. That's I got on it.
Oh yeah.
Oh yes, I've got a German on the phone at claims he's on the phone with a Sheriff Duncan of Jackson County Police Department.
Oh, come on over.
Oh, it is you're saying this to someone that supposedly with the Sheriff's Department here and threaten me on the phone?
OK yeah well.
OK, I understand that part, but you're aware?
OK, that is not the address at this phone is that?
OK, well I just was supposedly talking to a deputy docking with the Jackson County, Missouri Sheriff's Department.
Or you already hang up.
Pull the trigger.
Queens, NY.
Restaurant how we got what restaurant?
Send him to my house by all means.
So do you know everything about what kind of vehicle do I have, huh?
So I can show you it's not me doing it right after I put my foot in your ******* mouth.
So I guarantee you we can go through my phone records from AT&T and they'll show that I have not been making any phone calls to your phone number. Any number that is related or known to you.
So I hope whoever that was really a Sheriff.
So I'm getting yelled at for boy.
So is it the Skype computers that are doing this or some Skype user?
So what are you doing here?
So you just said that yes, my phone Rang that's why I picked it up.
Somebody called my house, my phone Rang, I picked it up in somebody start yelling at me.
Thank you.
That is not my phone number.
That's not my address, you fool.
That's why my phone Rang and I picked it up.
The number that called earlier whenever I was talking to you the 0000123456 that number.
The number that popped up on your caller ID Google that ******* number.
There's no reason for you to go anywhere. How is there?
This is a crock of ****
This is not making any sense.
This is the ****** ****** He's how she just called.
Well, 4 year old can try.
Well, I didn't make no phone calls.
Well, I don't think that that is possible, but.
Well, I'm gonna get off here I'm gonna call the Sheriff's Department in Kansas City, Mo back.
Well, she's putting up with your ******* mouth. She needs to do something.
Well, somebody just called and that's how we got to talking buddy.
Well, that's weird. Why would he call you?
Well, who are you?
What are you ******* Yankee or something?
What are you recording?
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
What County?
What restaurant is this?
What Sheriff's Department are you with?
What state are you located in?
What state?
What the ****
What the hell is going on here? 'cause you keep switching to you in another guy?
When were these calls made?
Where is the Where is the Jackson County Sheriff. I want to speak to him again.
Who is this?
Who the **** are you?
Who's this?
Why don't you just come on over here Mr mouth?
Why would you call Maine?
Y'all have fun with this, 'cause I'm not.
Yeah, but they're calling me and yelling and screaming and cussing at me. And supposedly the shirt was still on. The line. Is anyway smena survivor possibly talk to the Sheriff Duncan?
Yeah, Google that number. It's not a ******* existing telephone number. Sally was a Skype phone. You're caught a landline.
Yeah, how did you? How did you get on the line?
Yeah, I don't live over there.
Yeah, that's not my address you stupid moron.
Yes hello, this person is calling me belittling me and I don't know what the **** is going on.
Yes soon.
Yes, somebody just called my phone 'cause it Rang and that's whenever I picked it up.
You give **** We already had this discussion I done. Told you if you think you got balls that big, come on out.
You gotta be the dumbest ************ alive.
You just try talking to me a little while ago and I called Sugar Creek Police Department.
You know, you just tell my wife that you're gonna break your ******* neck.
You must be misinformed 'cause I'm not married, you idiot.
You need to call the Sugar Creek Police Department 'cause I made a report with him about the phone call that we had last time.
You stupid ******* *******
You will do whatever you feel you gotta do.
You're confused or something OK?
You're going to jail for harassing me on the *** **** phone. I know who the **** you are, you not even give me my address. You've got the wrong ****** ****** You're barking up the wrong tree.
You're gonna break my neck on.
You're not making any sense.
You're so ******* smart. You got all this ******* information? Come find me ******* Another one that called Maine.
You're the ******* calling me saying I'm somebody else. You got the wrong address in the wrong phone number. You ****** hard.
You're the ******* with the AR, right?
You've got to be the most ******** ************ on this planet.
11206 is across the street from me.
31st and what?
6330 Watt
81st St.