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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Be on the front steps.
Brian got.
But do not call my daughter in Custer out.
But you are trying to call. Are you trying to call Ryan God?
Can you come here?
Children together ******* your wife.
Clear your mind for 1 second.
Come down.
Come to my house and say that to me.
Did you ask over here and say it in my face?
Do it.
Do you wanna come here?
Don't talk to me like that.
Excuse me
He is broken up, your wife and my husband are breaking up your family, but my family.
I am his wife.
I am his wife.
I am telling you that this has been done to you and I'm folks.
I did not do this.
I don't know except for the fact that your wife has been talking more children.
I don't know how you got her number.
I don't like the situation and you want to do something about it. That's fine, but you are calling my daughter.
I have been married to Ryan got he is the love of my life. I have been with him for six years. It's now ******* your wife.
I swear to God I will cut your balls off.
I understand your pain and I understand your anger.
I'll give you the address ************
I'm sorry.
Is now ******* You're right behind my back and living with her.
Let me tell you something.
Let me tell you something. Turning this phone call over the police. Do you understand me?
Listen Buddy, I am on your side.
My daughter has nothing to do with this. We are all hurt by this.
My husband and I want this *******
My husband done this.
My husband is lying God. You are white message.
My husband is not here. Would your wife?
My name is Christy Gosh.
Pendants Missouri.
Pissed Off Mother Soundboard Sound
Pissed Off Mother Soundboard Sound
Pissed Off Mother Soundboard Sound
So if you wanna get together and talk about it, I have no problem getting dressed in meeting with you, but you're calling my daughter.
Started recording every ******* bit of it.
Story of carrots corn.
Thank you, I will give you my number. I have no problem talking to you about this ******* just about it too.
This is going on in front of our son. I need to get him out of this room.
What ******* touch **** **** off?
What court?
What is it you have to say?
Yeah, you've got.
You are calling my 12 year old daughter's phone.
You called my daughters number.
You come to my front steps.
You know, ha.
You need to calm down.
You will never ever speak to a 12 year old like that again.
You're ******* talking to a 12 year olds mother.
You're not listening to me.
Your husband did it.
Your wife over the weekend, she was with my husband. They showed up at my work over the weekend. I wasn't there, they texted me for three hours. She texted me the most disgusting things about what ...
**** you haha over here Chad.
****** **** now.
******* wife.
19108 Paris porn.