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Created by wob legend 2,055 5,640
Rohim Box

Rohim Box

I'm rohim box good for scambait

A few hours ago I received the voice call.
A few hours ago I received the Voice Robo call about something I mean, so I'm returning the call. Can you explain to me like what is happening?
Address bar
Alright, cool.
And now I mean I don't know ones at home though. Just I'm the only one at the moment.
And then
But why
Cancel it
Desktop Got to Do with It
Find Glass.
Given how much it didn't set, how much though?
Hello there, my computer doesn't cause all kinds of issues. Sometime it's shut down on its own. So like every few hours and how do you like fix all this issue?
Hello there.
Hello yeah hello how can you say again yeah I can hear you yeah now I can hear you can you say again?
Hello, I'm calling with my mobile.
I don't know computers
I mean like I do get all kinds of pop up and all this **** in in like in the computer and all that it can you explain to me like what is going on? I mean I don't understand anything like I tend to ...
I think a bit of both, I suppose yeah.
I want to cancel
I will click on it
I work in the Indian restaurant.
I'm at home.
I'm not too sure.
I'm Rahim pro him box.
I'm rolling box.
I've been here about five years.
ID password
Into the bank
It's a Toshiba laptop, Windows 10.
Jack Burton.
Jack Burton.
Just the inner received some error reportable about that in like Hall and all that and according to the report.
Let's just keep going.
My personal info at risk or something. Can you tell me what's happening?
No no no
Now I can't hear you a clear though yeah hello yeah yeah yeah now I can hear you now I lost you again.
Of course.
Oh yeah, hello there.
OK, I'll call you back no issue.
One d
Page is white now
Pic of
Rahim box
Rahim box
Right, let's see if we can get them here now. If we do manage to, then it's a goal, I think.
Run save cancel 2
Run save or cancel
So is it no
To allow
To renew how much
Turn on desktop
Turning on
Wait wait
Want me to erase
Well, he was explaining to me just started. He said about something to do with their taxes or something and then then there and he said he would. They'll have to suspend the right moment or somethi...
Whole page is going white now
Www dot
Www dot 2
Yeah yeah OK. Can I have the website please?
Yeah, fine.
Yeah, I know I don't have a particular issue or anything. The mainly we do have a high crime rate in the area so it could be that's why I said that, but I don't have any other particular.
Yeah, I'll be right back in one minute.
Yeah, it's a ROHIMROHI am pro him boxes BOXBOX.
Yeah, OK, I'll talk slowly now.
Yes or no
Yes, it's about the message. I got few hours ago and I didn't understood anything, so ask me to call this number back. So can you explain to me what is going on?
Yes, sure.
You do what you got to do this it.
100 pound
2 ds or d
404 1
505 1