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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Alcoholics Anonymous.
Big big big man to go put their ***** up your.
Boy get up in them there Hills and squeal like a pig.
Bruce, your cousin you got **** **** up his ***
Done ******* your cousin, your second cousin named Bruce, right?
Go smoke some crack bag it.
Hey ****** you know you're talking all this big **** why don't you come dish it out boy?
Hey hillbilly.
Hey hillbilly.
How does that sound to you?
I hope I catch you one day real soon.
I saw you out there on the corner you're wearing a person polka dotted dress and you you were you had a black ladies wig on when you had big big big fake **** You had toilet paper stuffed inside yo...
I think I saw you hooking yourself out on the street corner the other day. You were wearing that little dress.
I think they're going to take you to jail is what's going to happen.
I think you and your friend out of suck each others ***** right now.
I'll stick my foot so far up your ******* little ***
I'm not married.
I'm so scared of you.
Los Angeles
Make a couple of bucks out there Fagg.
My *****
No see I told you you were a heck I can hear you.
No you don't.
No, I don't think so.
Or maybe your dad was with her at your uncle, huh?
Red slap the ******* **** out of you.
Some little ***** painting your little *** out there on the street corner.
Suck * **** you ******* ******
That was you. I saw you.
Then why don't you bitch.
This is Pete.
We've got a pretty mouth boy.
Well, come on over.
Well, no, that's it sounds more like your momma you ******* hillbilly fagot.
Well, where are you?
When you come to Los Angeles, you can suck my cock ******
Where are you *****
Who's this?
Why don't you be a man and come on out, let me stick my foot up your ******* ****** ***
Yeah hello.
Yeah yeah, yeah.
Yeah, is that right?
Yeah, right?
Yeah, well, why don't you come over here and do it, *****
Yeah, you're real clever.
You ain't no kind of man, you're just some kind of little ******* ***** with nothing better to do.
You ain't no kind of man.
You call the police right now you go ahead and do that.
You can say anything you want about my mother. You ain't doing nothing to or.
You got a pretty mouth, son.
You got no ******* teeth boy.
You just like some kind of little *****
You know you can talk all this about how you're going to **** my mother and all that, but I know you're not going to.
You seem kinda hillbilly fagot sister.
You some kind of hillbilly little ****** aren't you?
You sound like you're smoking crack over there, like a little *****
You were wearing a dress and you were trying to get men to pull you into their car and and you were going to give them oral sex.
You're really smart.
You're smoking ******* crack over there like some kind of ******
You're such a scary fagot.
**** you *****
**** your ***