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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All I'm saying.
And hey, the couch where he won't goddamnit.
And I probably won't sleep a wink tonight.
And now I'm going to kick your ass when you where you are.
And then I go.
And you don't have any authority in Stilwell, OK?
And you got he got cancer or something?
Are you fat too?
Are you looking for another person?
Are you parked near?
Are you the one selling Pussy?
Are you ugly too?
At my house.
Awww fuck you, goddam it
Bet your the ugliest fattest son of a bitch in the county
Better stop talking that bullshit to me, just talk plain english..i can understand you
Bring your black ass down here and see what happens to ya
Bring your telephone with you and hide behind it while you're doing it.
But you ought to be old enough to know better than this she is.
Call fuck you bitch I did yeah.
Can you hear me?
Can you take a puppy? I think my.
Choke on it. God damn.
Come on you his great new year count.
Come on, speak it damn it, surely your tongue or something.
Come show me.
Come up for air goddamnit.
Computer shit.
Cutting your hair? Have you even got a house?
Dad let let let let let.
Do little pimple faced top checker would either call me on Sunday afternoon for.
Do what?
Do what?
Do you have a problem but?
Do you Jackass? Don't you know anything master safe?
Do you like the cock server?
Do you think I give a shit?
Do you want Daddy?
Does your Mama know you talk that way?
Don't even know who you are.
Don't fuck with me and I won't be.
Don't threaten me, you motherfucker.
Download sit here on the face of this earth to entertain you fucked.
Duncan construction
Frank Garrett (New Lines) Sound
Frank Garrett (New Lines) Sound
Fuck you and your religion.
Fuck you bitch.
Fuck you bitch.
Fuck you fatso
Fuck you God damn stupid son of a bitch. Listen, I didn't make the calls.
Fuck you pimple head.
Fuck you you this darling?
Fuck you, you got damn email Coxeter.
Fuck you, you just found it.
Fucking and how to treat it.
Genius morning, God damn damn smart. Alec Sonofabitch is it 20 to do anything here? She gotta bother me. Hell fuck you.
Get a job. You stupid mother fucker.
Get better news.
Get map behind his telephone. What do you get that I'd kick your ass it between your shoulder blades?
Get on the phone to set up lazy.
Get out for the God damn tape recorder and talk to me or my hang up on your ass.
Get paid, get wild Timmy at this yard.
Get terminal cancer. Can you cure?
Get your crop beautiful Cup sugar you.
Give me a name and address and see what happens.
Give me your address.
God damn crazy fucking idiot.
Goddamnit, Speaking of.
Good to have you stupid mother fucker.
Got damn foolish bitch you wanna go?
Got damn son of a bitch. You quit cover me.
Got damn whole little G go find somebody else.
Ha ha ha ha.
Have a good day at home.
Haven't called you. I don't wanna call you don't even wanna talk to you so fuck you.
He didn't hear shit.
He should be.
He's gonna have to get your God damn seven would fix study.
He's gonna send me to the piano asshole.
Hell Nah, there's snow on the ground here.
Hello my darling do you?
Hello you amazing voice.
Hello, you son of a bitch and let you know your fucking page again.
Hey bitch.
Hey buddy, I'm trying to be polite. What do you want?
Hey Chris, are you California caballo?
Hey Frank, can find you talks over you.
Hey fuck you.
Hey get it you big lipped bitch you. I bet you can't do shit.
Hey hey hey I don't call you those names.
Hey I'm gonna call right back turn me in.
Hey Jamie extension, I couldn't figure out where the fuck you to face or somewhere else.
Hey listen, you son of a bitch. If you don't talk to me, speak up and make it short.
Hey thank you pimple head.
Hey yo bro, why don't you do self?
Hey you fucking mouth son of a bitch.
Hey, can you say something that's not a curse word?
Hey, I heard you with this shit dude.
Hey, I'll give you my address.
Hey, I'm talking to a lady gets hello phone free.
Hey, why don't you just hang it up my ass yourself? You suck it, bitch.
Hey, you said.
Hey, you're saying.
Hey, you're you're leaving your voice. Am I supposed to be scared?
Hide behind the phone unknown.
Hope it so yeah.
Hope you have a damn heart attack.
Hope you won't get toxic with it ain't got nothing else New York PA.
Horsley, Oklahoma.
Hose reel.
How about you? You hear what I'm saying.
How are you man?
How big a charity had gets it in?
How do you about a third grade education man?
How old are you, big boy?
How soccer?
How you gonna hide behind telephone you get your fucking painter man.
I admire you telephone with you and you had that. It will beat your God damn it so.
I asked how long you little bit over be playing pranks.
I believe in my own destiny.
I bet your grandmother one line.
I bet your your bathroom disability 'cause I'm gonna call this time today. Couldn't have it, yeah?
I cain't understand what your sayin
I can't understand what you're saying.
I can't understand you guys, Dennis.
I didn't call when you ready, baby.
I didn't call you ain't there fucking blind woman why?
I didn't call you you dumb ass, you told me.
I didn't hear you speak, you call me.
I didn't say where. I didn't say who or not.
I didn't tell you about it.
I don't call your number and you need to quit calling my.
I don't even have a Dodge I'd afterwards, but I don't look at where you got that from.
I don't even have another. She been dead 30 years, but.
I don't give a damn if you got two traces on it.
I don't give a damn.
I don't give a fuck if you're calling from the moon, you can hear yours.
I don't give a fuck you called FBI.
I don't give a shit if there King Kong.
I don't give a shit if you the FBI you can't do anything maybe?
I don't give a shit. You don't hold any control over me you.
I don't have a dog.
I don't have it told you stupid motherfucker. Can't you understand?
I don't know, but I'd like to give your mom a good horse. Fucking pushy dad.
I don't like doing alright.
I don't like it. Got them again. She take a hint.
I don't tell you anyway, and you're the God damn stupid bitch. It call me or I wouldn't be talking on the phone.
I don't wanna have it though.
I got mine ordered you motherfucker. Once you get using work.
I got your idiot.
I have to shit.
I know what you're doing. You little simple minded sonofabitch here.
I like call nobody dumb bitch. You call me what do you want?
I make a recommendation you look for to help.
I mean that I'm with you.
I think I could kick your ass and I'd be better than everything I do for you.
I think if you calling me, told you son of a bitch, I don't even like you.
I think you're cool as shit. I'm at work.
I think you're old and fat and ugly, aren't you?
I think you're pretty shitty.
I understand you're about 1/2 Cup Shepherd.
I want to keep going before I can't help you.
I will show you ignorance, come on down here where I live and we'll see who's ignorant.
I would harass you if I can find you.
I wouldn't go. Do you eat your mother fucker 'cause you didn't come in this night?
I'd like to kiss your God damn ass. What I'd like to do.
I'll go to hell, you stupid son of a bitch.
I'm convinced you prick.
I'm implying that Europe rich.
I'm in Oklahoma and you ain't gonna come get me and I'm not gonna come out there and get you but I don't like you.
I'm just fine.
I'm not blocking my number.
I'm not calling her this anyway. You called him here for.
I'm not cold here. I hate your Dick. I don't want a piece.
I'm really not sure. Like I said, I'll be getting twinkle that Pussy.
I'm talking to you, you fat if you bitch, what do you want?
I'm the meanest sandwich and I'm getting some.
I've already showed up at your door and you didn't do it then.
I've got a whole bunch in there. You can try me.
I've got about that.
I've got plenty of jobs. It's under bitter like even keep their coming on.
If you don't tell me who I'm talking too, I'm gonna hang up on your ass.
If you gotta you gotta speak forever.
If you've got a problem with me once you come that scale will help put a new attitude on your face.
In your name's asshole.
Is it my turn now?
Is it not me calling you dumb shit?
Is that stupid whore again?
Is that the most piercing bullets I over heard and you already sick or something?
It's an eager make me laugh.
It's none of your fucking mirrors.
Jesus Christ, don't keep stupid. Sounded like you off the telephone, so I'm gonna have to believe in myself.
Keep it shut that big but you couldn't hear me.
Kiss kiss kiss
Kiss my ass weekend.
Let me tell you something bitch, don't call back.
Let me tell you something I'm giving up on you. Like it or not.
Let me tell you something. You thermal mouse sonofabitch you could go in here OK?
Like your phone app.
Liver Stilwell OK abuse.
Long haired pimple faced mother fucker. You won't you find something to do like a job.
Maybe I didn't tell you what are you calling me for.
Maybe you believe that dance.
My name is Frank Garrett and I live in Oklahoma.
My what are you calling this call?
New voice on.
No hold on at the end of the line.
No my talking baby.
No shit God damn.
No shit.
No thank you, you big fat ugly bitch.
No work.
No, fuck you. I'm better than you are.
No, you call right now.
No, you gotta have a problem.
No, you want me to head boy.
No, you're the prick. You got damn ugly son of a bitch you.
No, your the.