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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Albany metal treating.
Are we getting a little aggravated?
As a matter of fact, I'll give you an enjoyable ride.
Blackberries sweet juice I'm turning.
Can you make your computer do anything other than repeat the same messages over and over?
Damn son of a bitch.
Do what?
Do you want the truth? You can't handle the truth.
Frank Garrett
Hello Frank, how are you today?
Hello hello hello hello.
Hello Johnny.
Hello, how are you today?
Hello, this is Albany metal treating.
Hello, this is Albany metal treating. How may I help you?
Hey, is your mom still got worms?
Hey, that's OK if you can get past my daddy.
How anyhow?
How did you know my momma? Can I get to know you're just a little bit though?
How many medal treating?
How may I help you?
I don't know you're the one who called here.
I don't know you're the one who called here. Why don't you tell me why?
I don't then there not kick me out 'cause I tried to take over.
I hope so.
I love me some dark meat sometimes. How about you?
I quite enjoyed it. Thank you.
I would really appreciate it if you would do your gay gestures.
I would really appreciate it if you would stop doing your gay gestures.
I'm only here.
I'm standing in a cornfield out in the middle of Texas.
I've done heard that one before. Have you got another one?
Jack Nicholson
Jerry Maguire
Joke Joke Joke joke show me. Show me the money.
Looney Metal Worker Soundboard Sound
Looney Metal Worker Soundboard Sound
Man, you're a faggot.
Maybe I can call you on your cell phone and you can say that I've been calling you.
Mike speaking.
Mother fucker. I'm going to insult you by calling you names.
Oh yeah.
Oh, really.
Oh, that's so original.
Please give it to me.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Show me reminders.
Show your mom or water. Oh man can do. I'm like your daddy.
Springfield medical.
Standing in a fill out in Texas talking on the cell phone.
Tell anybody you want to.
Thank you.
That's OK, at least she's getting paid $2.00 instead of Nada.
That's what I'm talking about.
There's no reason to get mad.
This is a business phone.
This is already metal treating.
Whatever you say.
Why don't you come down here and see me?
Won't you come see me?
You can't handle the truth.
You ever tried some of that black Berry?
You sound like you sure do got pretty mouth.
You stupid mother fucker.
You wanna suck my Dick?
You're the one who called you ignorant bastard you.