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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Can't do shit you fucking talk shit on the phone. I tell you do your faggot. Your punk.
Comma cut you to fuck up in little pieces you fucking punk mother fucker.
Fuck off.
Fuck off.
Fuck you New York. Are you a fucking punk mother fucker too? I'm gonna fuck where you from.
Fuck your mother and fuck you too.
Fuck your mother. I hope she fucking chokes to fucking dead.
Fucking suck Dick fucking faggot.
Go suck your father's balls.
Hairy balls all over Mommy's chin just, but that's how you were born. Fucking my hairy nuts on your mother's chin. You're probably looking for your daddy, ain't you?
I can't even understand you. You sound like a retard.
I can't wait to cut her fucking from here to here and will make you fucking cry like a little cunt you are.
I got fucking 4 calls from you.
I got your fucking whole family you fuck.
I hope your mom fucking dies fucking and she fucking chokes on her own fucking blood.
I think I do ship it, sit on the phone and talk shit.
I'm gonna mother fucking find you and when I do I'm coming. I'm gonna bring your mother to you fucking cut up big.
I'm on my way.
I'm right here where you at faggot.
She shouldn't be ashamed. She even bore some fucking piece of trash like you.
Stop fucking bend you over and fuck you complete your asshole until you will punk.
That's all you do is yell in the phone 'cause you're a punk. You won't even say where the fuck your at will do this shit bitch.
Unplug your Mama your daddy you fucking sister your brother fuck off fuck all y'all rednecks y'all like it fuck I give it to all y'all.
What do you say?
What is your name?
Where you at Pussy. I'll come right now, Mother fucker.
Who the fuck are you? Ain't call you fucking phone?
Will you fucking call me who the fuck are you?
Yeah I fucked your fucking father in the ass and he liked it.
Yeah punk.
Yeah, but once you brush your teeth in your mom's clit.
Yeah, fucking joke is what you are. You a fucking joke.
Yeah, listen punk, I don't need to shoot. You would break your fucking legs.
Yeah, where you at punk? I'll come right now, I'll come right now where you at?
You ain't even got tied you fucking redneck fucking.
You ain't shit. I'm fucking waiting for you think you know why every figure, somebody, I'll stop you would stick you in a fucking hole I'll cut you to fuck up and male parts your family for the res...
You called my number.
You fucking calling my number. Punk I ain't gotta call you.
You fucking rotten tooth motherfucker.
You fucking scumbag.
You suck my fucking dad's Dick is all you'll do.
You're a fucking fag. You ain't nothing but a drunk fucking punk you ain't fucking know you know where the fuck your God will talk shit on the phone come get me motherfucker.
You're probably fucking so fucking retarded you fucking there is no talking to be. Obviously you're still on the phone and fucking waste of time.
Your father is probably your fucking uncle.
Your mother's a fucking and you know what your father fucking his fucking half breed and that makes you fucking trash motherfucker.
Your phone fighter, that's all you are, you fucking Pussy you fucking punk mother fucker. That's all you are. That's fucking why you won't even call yourself out. Punk, you won't even say where the...