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Created by LHS Baseball 2022 2,199 22,031
LHS 2023 Baseball Game Sounds

LHS 2023 Baseball Game Sounds

Walk Up songs, sound effects and pre / post game music
A: Intros, introductions for starting line up
BB: Walks
E: Effects
Error: Errors
F: Foul Bals
G: Good Plays
HB: Hit by Pitch
HR: Home Run
Hype: Hype sound effects
IR: Inning Recaps
K: Strikeouts
LU: Visitor Introductions
MV: Mound Visit
p. Pitcher Walk Up Songs
PC: Pitching Change
SB: Stolen Base
U: Umpire

a Introductions new new
a National Anthem
a old intro
a Old new introductions
a We Reeaady
BB: Pretty Girls Walk
BB: cupid shuffle
BB: walk all over you
BB: Walk it out
BB: walk it talk it
BB: walk this way
E: Forest Gump Rain
Error: uh oh cartman
F: Boink
F: fore
F: Glass break
F: Stayin Alive
F: tin roof
F: to infinity
G: alright alright alright
G: Espn
G: got em 1
G: Lil john yeaahhh
G: Oh yeah
G: thats the way i like it
G: Woh, I feel good
HB: Ha ha ha i almost walked right into that one
HB: Hit by pitch
HR: Bad Bunny Hey Song
HR: Blur Woo hoo
HR: you dropped a bomb on me
Hype: Andruw Jones 2
Hype: bet you can't do it like me
Hype: Boom boom boom let me hear you say wayo
Hype: Charge
Hype: Clap your hand
Hype: Dayyyy Oh
Hype: Everybody Clap Yo Hands
Hype: Griddy
Hype: Here we go
Hype: Mo Bamba
Hype: Organ Charge!
Hype: Organ Charge!!
Hype: pumpup2 crowd
Hype: Rock U
Hype: Techno O song
IR: California Love INTRO
IR: Dr. Feelgood INTRO
IR: forgot about dre instrumental
IR: Return Of The Mack INTRO
K: Woody Woodpecker
K: 3rd KO thug life
K: bites the dust
K: Fail
K: Fighter jet hot flyby
K: Fly-By
K: Mario Brothers Lose
K: nasty shrek
K: Pacman Dies
K: Price is right
K: wipeout
K: Yeah Baby
LU: Visitor Introductions
MV: 3 best friends
MV: cliffhanger
MV: Green Onions
MV: imperial march
MV: Jeopardy
MV: less conversation
MV: Mission Impossible
Old Walk Up Song
Old Walk Up Song # 12 Morris
Old Walk up Song new Sam
p. Baker pitching
p. Churhill pitching
p. Magee pitching
p. Osteen pitching
p. Sanders pitching
P. Sowell Pitching
p. T Haley pitching
p. Wigley Pitching
PC: Green Onions
PC: Had a Bad Day
PC: Hot N Cold Katy Perry
PC: Should I Stay Or Should I Go The Clash
PC: Under Pressure
PC: You hit me like a Hurricane
PO: almost had it
PO: so close so far away
SB: Ándale Stolen Base
SB: cant touch this
SB: life in fastlane
SB: Ohhh he stealing
SB: road runner meep meep
SB: Run
SB: run to you
SB: smooth criminal
U: blue you're my boy
# 09 BAKER
# 1 Bennett
# 11 Magee
# 12 Morris
# 13 Barnes
# 14 B Bennett
# 15 Sharp
# 17 G.Gilmore
# 2 Hannigan
# 22 Sowell New
# 24 Hendrichovsky
# 26 Osteen
# 27 McCaughey NEW
# 28 G Haley
# 31 Nelson
# 33 K Gilmore
# 34 Sanders
# 4 Busby
# 5 Richardson
# 7 Cagle New
# 8 Fesmire