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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Add nutrients, well, OK.
And cut.
And I what I want you to know is like you're weird as fuck bro. Quick call on her phone bro. You can't even do nothing but there is little your little Dick fucking.
At the club?
Because you're not saying anything, you're just sitting there like on mute. That's really fucking.
Bloody eh let me put my bra on.
Bye bye.
Bye bye.
Can you put mollywhopping on there tho?
Damn you must.
Got it.
Guys check out my new soundboard bro.
Hello my friend.
Hello my friend.
Hey howdy partner.
Hold on no one on hold on no.
I can put it on my Facebook
I don't even know what jannie means.
I'll mollywop that bitch.
I'm not know, Captain you dumb.
Kushman farted?
Let me try to put on my fucking underwear.
Litty again...
Lydia again, Lydia again. Don't know who's calling my fucking friend.
Make friends.
Mollwop bridge chop let me hear the beat drop.
Molly wo-wo-whop.
Molly wop that bitch up and down the fucking street tho bitch.
Mollywop a bitch.
Mollywop a bitch.
Mollywop a hoe.
Mollywop bridge chop let me hear the beat drop.
Mollywop that bitch.
Mollywop that bitch.
Nappy Cappy is a Jew.
Nikki get off her line, Nicky Nicky Nicky leave her fuck alone.
Oh shit.
Ola como.
That shit's fucking lit.
There goes my baby.
They won't fucking say nothing.
Uh, what's up Cheeto's Missing Child Support.
Who is this weirdo?
Whoopy whoop.
Yeah me too.
Yes I saw my noodles leaked.
You bloody fucking.
You weird ass.
You're fucking a weird ass.
You're still there, hello?
Your momma's a weird, because my name is red bitch admin. Trina Gordon.