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Intro 10s horse race and theyre off
Intro 20th century fox
Intro 7s Tv star trek
Intro baseball lets go
Intro come on down tpir
Intro Nfl on fox
Intro Spongebob
Intro star wars
Intro william tell overture 2
No dum dee dum dum dummm
No game lose2
No mario lose
No sad violin
No super mario
No super mario 02
No super mario 03
No the price is right
Thank you bart 02
Thank you very much judge judy
Yes brilliant bart
Yes Clapping short
Yes correct darth vader
Yes correct ding
Yes harp
Yes very good answer judge judy
Yes you are our winner
Yes you're right aladdin
10s countdown
10s oh fortuna
10s timer
15s i dream of jeannie
15s skippyskip potpot
30s cliffclimbers yodel crash
30s mission impossible
30s The moment youve been waiting for
30s timer
30s up
40s music jeopardy thinking
60 second little rascals
60s Mission impossible
60s murder she wrote
60s timer 01
60s timer 02
70s knight rider
80s bumblebee
80s leave it to beaver
90 second laugh in
下課 Reed Mathis Good Morning
下課 warner bros cartoons
回答 a few moments later
回答Answer my question judge judy
回答Come on tell me aladdin
回答Phone are you still there
注意Air horn club sample
注意Emotional damage
笑evil laugh
長130s dance of sugar plum fairies
長140s sneaky background long
長150s Thinking spindlelegs
長180s the good the bad the ugly