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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Aint no hillbilly you sound like a ****** you ingorant bastard
Blah blah blah blah, you cant even talk now you ignorant CS
Come kick my ass, bitch
Fuck you
Fuckin step on up MFer
Fuckin whore bitch
Gonna go to the house in about an hour
Got your number, im gonna send it to the police department
Hey. uh, i suppose you aint even black
I dont know what you're doing i have nothing to do with you
I dont know you
I got a fuckin 9mm for you motherfucker
I got shit for you, you wanna come here
I just dont understand why you keep calling me
I know 9 millimeter
I never called you
I never called you, you're an asshole
I thought you was a N*****, you're so drunk callin me
I try to talk to you, you're an ignorant MFer
Ill blow yer friggin head off
Ill fuckin slam your ass
Im comin to find you CS you're fuckin dead
Im not tryin to fuck with you
Im outside man
Im tryin to be nice to you, but you wouldnt do that
Im tryin to talk to you and you bitchin at me
Im tryin to talk to you, you bein an asshole
Imma find yo ignant ****** ass, white ass and fuck you in the ass
Lemme go outside so i can hear ya
My ears are bad i can barely hear ya
Pull over here
Sittin in the garage drinkin beer
They said you're a white MFer
Ur an ignorant bastard, you're a hillbilly arent ya
What kinda car do i drive bitch
When i find you, probably gonna kill yo ass
Who da fuck are you
Why you bitchin at me
Ya got nothin
Ya wanna step up to my plate, come on and do it
Ya works for me
Ya you fuckin punk bitch
Yer a fuckin asshole, if i had yer number id be callin you
Yer a fuckin hillbilly, so am i bitch
Yer mummblin so much you sound like a ******
Yes ya did
You dont know, better quit callin me you ignorant MFer
You got my number off craigslist
You need to leave me alone man i dont know you
You understand, you're a dead MFer ill kill you
You wanna play that game ill play it
You wanna talk to me, be your friend, ill be your friend
You're agrivatin me