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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Get ya hands on my neck go ahead MFer
Go for it MFer
Go fuck yaself
Go fuck yaself ya redneck MFer
Go fuck yourself in the ass u POS
I fuck myself every night how bout u
I'll fuck u up douchebag
I'm gonna call the fuckin cops ya understand me
I'm gonna call u back RN MFer hows that
Idk you just called me
No u go fuck yourself douchebag
That's pretty damn funny you MFer
The fuck are you you CS
Want me to call the cops on you now buddy
Wat r u talkin about
What do u want u redneck whatever you are
What scumbag
What u call me for what do u want
Whos i tryin to call
Ya we'll see you fuckin redneck
Ya, u a fuckin CS
Yeah, fuck me up you POS
Yer a fuckin CS
You call me one mor fuckin time imma call the cops
You just called me