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Bell, Gas Station 1
Bell, Gas Station 2
Bell, Service Station
Decompression A
Decompression B
Decompression C
Decompression D
Filling Gas Tank Pump Loop
Filling Up Car With Gasoline
Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump Loop
Fuel Pump Loop
Fuel Pump Pistol Put Off
Fuel Pump Pistol Putting In Fuel Socket
Fuel Pump Pistol Putting Off
Fuel Pump Put Off
Gas Flow Heater
Gas Station 11
Gas Station 13
Gas Station 16
Gas Station 19
Gas Station 2
Gas Station 23
Gas Station 27
Gas Station 3
Gas Station 31
Gas Station 35
Gas Station 39
Gas Station 7
Gas Station, Service 1
Gas Station, Service 2
Gas Station, Service 3
Gas Station, Service 4
Gas Station, Service 5
Gas Tank Closing
Gas, Pump 1
Gas, Pump 2
Gasoline Filling Gas Station
Mechanic Pipe Pump
Petrol Tanker Pumping Noise Loop
Pressure Release 3
Pump, Gas Station 1
Pump, Gas Station 2
Pump, Gas Station 3
Pump, Gas Station 4
Pump, Gas Station 5
Pump, Gas Station 6
Pumping Gas Stove Fast Tank Pressurize
Pumping Gas Stove Fast Loop Tank Pressurize
Pumping Gas Stove Medium Tank Pressurize
Pumping Gas Stove Slow Tank Pressurize
Putting Fuel Pistol To Tank Feed
Service Station 10
Service Station 12
Service Station 3
Service Station 4
Service Station 6
Service Station 8
Sewage Truck Pump Loop
Taking Filling Pump Pistol