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Home > Puzzle Dialogue - Layton's Mystery...
A good puzzle is something you have to chew over.
Ah, see, I'll get him right sometimes.
And that's how it's done.
Any mystery or any puzzle solved?
Be lucky if I cracked this one.
Blimey, this is hard work.
Clearly I didn't have enough data for my analysis.
Collate the data and the answer will drop out.
Get those little grey cells engaged.
I ain't nothing but a hound dog.
I don't cut the mustard at all, do I?
I eat puzzles like this for breakfast.
I have a feeling that perhaps.
I haven't got my pour in today.
I'll have the answer shortly.
I've seen how to solve this now.
If you'll entertain my idea here.
Maybe I mean a bit over my idea.
Miss Leighton would never have got that wrong.
No, that can't be right.
Not good, katrielle. Not good.
Not my cup of tea puzzles.
O in conclusion.
Of course, I knew I would be able to solve it.
Oh, that's not like me.
Puzzles are made for solving.
Puzzles are really very simple when you know the proper methods.
Shame. Thought I'd cracked that one.
So I solved that little conundrum a.
Still not a patch on Miss Layton, of course.
Thank goodness I got that right.
That was just a simple piece of profiling work.
That was just a warm up one, wasn't it?
That was too easy.
That wasn't right. Ohh fiddlestick.
That's a relief. I wasn't entirely sure.
The pieces just fell into place somehow.
They do call me Shirley Rosecombs for nothing.
This analysis would be simplicity itself.
This is an interesting one.
This pottles got some bite.
This should do it I think.
What could possibly have gone wrong?
What's the matter with me today?
Yeah, this dog won't hunt.