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Aardvark Shot
Baby Birds Chirping
Baby Birds Chirping (1x)
Banana Splat
Bannana Bomb Collect
Bird 1
Bird 2a
Bird 2b
Bird 2c
Bird 2d
Bird 3
Bird 4a
Bird 4b
Bird 4c
Blow Dart
Bonus Point
Branch Spring
Bridge Breaking
Charging Animal
Chute Pants
Cricket (1x)
Elephant Sound
Exploding Kaa
Fire Sound
Flippy Chimp
Frog 1a
Frog 1b
Frog 1c
Frog 1d
Frog 1e
Frog 1f
Gem Green
Gem Red
Geyser Erupting
Health Heart Collect
Heavy Landing
Hyena Laughing
Invulnerability Collect
It's Baloo
Kaa's Eye Beams
Kaa's Head Hit
King Louie Attack
King Louie Hurt
King Louie Scratch
Letters Sound
Lightning Strike
Lightning Strike (DAC only)
Lightning Strike (PSG only)
Loud Thunder
Loud Thunder (DAC only)
Loud Thunder (PSG only)
Magic Collect
Magic Smoke
Meadowlark 1a
Meadowlark 1b
Meadowlark 1c
Menu Select
Monkey 1a
Monkey 1b
Monkey 1c
Monkey 2a
Monkey 2a (1x)
Monkey 2b
Monkey 2b (1x)
Monkey Attack
Monkey Hurt
Monkey Scratch
Mowgli Grunt
Mowgli Ouch
Mowgli Pushing Rock
Mowgli Swinging
Mowgli Throw
Mowgli Wow
Mowgli Yeah
Night 1a
Night 1b
Night 2a
Night 2b
Night 2c
Night 2d
Night 2e
Pickup Gem
Pirahna Teeth Closing
Secret Panel
Shere Khan Roaring
Shere Khan Swiping
Slurping Tongue
Snake Gulp
Snake Spring
Spitting Sound
Splash Sound
Stone Block
Swarm Sound
Swoop Sound
Teleport In
Teleport Out
Time Tick
Waterfall Sound
Weapon 1 Collect
Weapon 2 Collect
Weapon 3 Collect
Whippy Branch