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Achievement unlocked
Air burn
Background death from above
Background new york
Background winter is coming
Background zombie apocalypse
Bird land
Button action
Button not available padlock
Button selection
Cft activate
Challenge skip
Charm slot in
Charm slot out
Chart position close
Confetti pop
Count hifive
Crate break
Equip new sword
Extra life
Fn fn logo sword
Fn fn splat01
Fn fn splat02
Fn md logo impact
Fn md logo retract
Fn md logo whoosh
Fn open store
Game start
Halloween door open
Intro confirm band name
Intro hit
Invincibility end
Invincibility start
Leaves crunch
Leaves crunch
Leaves crunch
Level up zap venkman
Lucky charm activate
Lucky charm appear
Lucky charm bounce
Lucky charm collect
Myband tick
Myband tock
Padlock build
Paper rustle
Paper rustle
Paper rustle
Point reveal
Resume countdown
Resume go
Revive expire
Revive timer buzz
Revive timer lp
Reward explode
Sales coin bag drop
Sales slide in
Sales slide out
Score reveal
Slam attack impact
Slam attack start
Slot thunk
Solo catch fire
Solo light on
Spend gem revive
Spikes break
Star impact
Star lock
Studio transition down
Tap prize
Tap prize open
Token lp
Tool tip spring
Water splash
Water splash
Water splash
Whoosh in
Window whoosh in
Window whoosh out
Xmas press start