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A twerp like you has no business challenging a champ like me.
Ah, you and your lame tricks.
Barrel Dragon attack.
Barrel Dragons affect activates.
By end, my turn.
Check out my face down card.
Check this out.
Come on, get on with it. You know you ain't gonna win.
Come on, Metazoa, check out its paint job.
Come on, play a card already.
Don't expect any mercy from me.
Fiendish engine Omega's effect activates.
From my hand.
Go blast sphere.
Go fiendish engine Omega.
Go launch your spider.
Go shower.
Good, no?
Hand over the prize money.
Hardened glimmer strike.
He beat me. He actually won.
Here comes barrel dragon.
How predictable.
I activate a continuous spell.
I activate a facedown card.
I activate a quick play spell.
I activate a ritual spell.
I activate a spell.
I activate my spell.
I activate my spell. 7 completed.
I activate the Spell Shield and sword.
I activate the trap card metamorph.
I ain't worried.
I attack with mechanical chaser.
I attack with my monster.
I attack with slot machine.
I attack you with the wicked eraser.
I attack your life points directly.
I don't care about the rules.
I don't think so.
I draw.
I draw.
I draw.
I exceed some in a monster.
I Fusion summon a monster.
I got a well oiled machine already for you.
I hope you're ready to lose.
I might actually lose.
I pendulum summon a monster.
I ritual summon a monster.
I see you quaking in your boots.
I set a card face down.
I set a monster face down.
I special summon a monster.
I summon a monster in attack position.
I summon a monster in defense position.
I synchro summon a monster.
I tribute a monster.
I win, just as everyone expected.
I win.
I wish you could see the loser look on your loser face. Loser.
I won't let you make a fool out of me.
I'll show you what nightmares are made of.
I'll teach you to mess with me.
I've got this in the bag.
Impossible. How could I lose?
It's my turn.
It's my turn.
Launch your spider.
Meet mechanical chaser.
Metal zoa.
My continuous trap activates.
My counter trap activates.
My field spell activates.
My monster attacks you directly.
My monster attacks.
My monstrous effect activates.
My trap activates.
My turn.
My turn.
My turns done.
No retreat.
No way.
Pegasus, how dare you make a fool out of bandit Keith?
Pendulum machine.
Proton blast.
Say what?
See the change in Omega attack.
Shock. Rocket attack.
Slashing blade attack.
Slot machine.
Step right up to get smacked down.
Stop defense.
Take the Crown machine king.
Tangella machines going into OverDrive.
The last spheres effect activates.
The wicked eraser.
The wicked eraser's effect activates.
This ain't right.
This tool doesn't count. Nobody makes a monkey out of me.
This will pack a wallop.
V0012 03 00 02
V0012 10 00 01
V0012 15 00 01
Watch closely, dweeb.
What's the matter, dweeb? Scared to fight?
When you see what I've got in store for you.
Yo, bow down on your knees.
You ain't one yet.
You must be the unluckiest tweep in the world to get matched up with me.
You won't be able to survive this kind of firepower.
You'll see why I'm a dueling stud and you're a dueling dud.
You're going down, you sniveling little wannabe.
You're gonna get blown up.
You're gonna make your move or what?
Yugioh duel links.
Yugioh duel links.