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A Magical Journey Through Space – a pumping, trap EDM instrumental with lively electronic elements
Alcudia – funky fun Balearic house with Spanish guitar and electric piano melody
Back into the Future – ambience trap, mellow beats, driving bass with a chilled vibe
Blackest Bouquet – dark, solemn EDM trap track that evolves throughout
Bright White Lights – a driving, pumping tech house track with bright electronic melodies and pumping synths
Chasin’ Balloons – electronic trap pop track with large synth pads, ft
Disco break, cool drum loop, funky guitars and bass
Disco Streets – disco and funk inspired groove with a funky bass line, perfect for that summer vibe
From Me to You – electronic trap pop, leads with piano into atmospheric synth pads and a heavily compressed feel
Future – ambience trap, chilled beats with a heavy bass and a synth bell melody
Haunt Me – EDM with retro synths, trip hop beats and vocals by Ave Pes
Headliner – euphoric trance, house, bright synth arpeggio loop and drums lead into an uplifting euphoric chorus
Help You Out – electronic EDM with elements of trap, electronic growling bass, featuring vocals by Jonathon Robbins
I Saw a Ghost Last Night – electronic EDM, trap style instrumental with a dark feel, pumping drums, sampled pitched vocal and synth elements throughout
In the Club – a pumping electro house trap piece with driving bass and electronic elements throughout (mono)
Industrial Percs – synth driven electronic trap, trip hop
It’s Party Time – deep house vibe with electronic elements and pumping drums
Last Ones Standing – atmospheric tech house music with synth melody, electronic drums and warm chords
Lie 2 You – electro pop, trap, atmospheric piano, driving bass, drums and other synth elements, ft
Love Your Moon – EDM, trap with warm synths and vocals by Gerhard
Me 4 Me – electronic trap pop track with acoustic guitar riffs broken up with heavy bass and drum sections, ft
Memories – fun, bright and energetic EDM pop with lively piano riffs, ft Anne Lan on vocals
Natalia – downbeat electronic trap, trip hop, mellow beats
Night Sky – uplifting EDM ft
On The Up – positive, uplifting, warm and funky pop driven by bright, fun piano, warm pads, funky bass and a bright synth lead
Out of Time – EDM with electronic synths, trap beats and vocals by Lily Hain
Pop Buzz – an uplifting electro pop instrumental track with a lively feel, perfect for sports, explainer videos etc
Rocks n Mud – punchy, dark EDM trap pop track, ft
Say It To My Face – EDM, trap, pop, various synth elements and electronic drums with male vocals ft
Serve on Ice – Funky chilled house driven by a warm electric piano, funky bass, flute, percussion and drums
Sheesh – ambient trap, dark vibe with various synth elements
Sick and Tired – EDM, trap with a sombre vibe, pumping drums and bass ft
Skysc****rs – trap style pop lead by sampled and pitched vocal stabs, dark synths, vocoded and driving synth breaks
Street Jam – energetic pumping electronic house with cut up sample style melody and chords
Summer Break – fun, nostalgic, old school lighthearted and energetic breakbeat house with a summer vibe
Summer Fun – a punchy fun pop instrumental with a lively summer feel – acoustic guitar chords and warm pads sit under a bright, electro synth melody with electro drums
Summer Haze – slow, chill out house track with a modern, pop feel, warm piano chords underpin the track with warm pads and a repetitive synth arpeggio
The Sapphire City – a downtempo EDM instrumental with heavy beats and mellow melodies
Tribal – chilled trap, flutes, mellow beats and a dark vibe
Trip of a Lifetime – a quirky and uplifting pop instrumental with trap beats, warm pads and a chirpy melody
Worth a Try – Emotional Trap, featuring vocals by Serena Rutledge (80bpm, Eb Major)
Wunna – chilled trap, synth plucked strings, flute and a mellow dark vibe
Yanni – dark chilled trap with an urban sampled vibe
“House Party” – funky house music loop
4 beat, electric piano chords, warm synth pads and a happy, bright piano melody