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After Shock – TV or film music, good for undercover stake out etc, electric piano, strings, electric guitar and percussion with a late 90s feel
Astral Journey – TV or film music, synthesiser bass, synth arpeggio, strings and high pitched melody deliver a dynamic theme
Atmospheric Tension – a slow, warm lightly tense, mysterious quiz music bed with warm pads and synth arpeggios
Big Sky Country – heavy weight TV theme, suited to news or political themed show
Concentration – slow lightly tense quiz music bed
Current affairs – news, political or other heavy weight theme. Orchestral, tension building
Deep in Thought – a light, dreamy but slightly tense quiz music bed
Digital Knowledge – a robotic sounding repetitive music bed with light drums and synth arpeggios
Escape – TV or film music, fast paced electronic arpeggio drives this action piece with brass and piano stabs and electric guitar
Final Decision – TV or film music, dramatic, synthesised orchestra stabs, drum rolls and synthesiser melody
Game show music bed, tension building leading up to end
Game show music bed, tension building leading up to end
Gang War – TV or film music, good for action scene, moves from fast pace into slower, darker section
Gangbusters – TV or film music, upbeat drums with electric guitar, bouncy bass and organ
Gone Mad – TV or film music, fast paced slightly chaotic music with a crazy feel, with piano arpeggio, dramatic strings and brass
In Progress – TV or film music, slow moving calculated tension with electric piano, strings, electric guitar and drums
IQ Test – a repetitive music bed with an intelligent feel, ideal for quiz shows
Mig Alley – TV or film music, fast paced rock music leading into a calm, tense mid section
Military Madness – TV or film music, orchestral military action
News Bed – a traditional heavy weight news bed with drums, orchestral stabs and a soft synth arpeggio
No Pressure – a lightly tense repetitive music bed, great for quiz shows etc, repeating digital arpeggios and subtle percussive elements
Police Pursuit – TV or film music, fast paced action good for police chase, high octane etc
Space Age – quiz music bed, light tension electronica with synths and strings
Space Race – quiz music bed, light trance, mild tension with an electronic spacey vibe
Superhero Theme – the perfect theme for any superhero
Tense Quiz Bed – simple tense music bed ideal for a quiz show
Ticking Time – a simple repetitive music bed ideal for quiz shows etc, slow digital arpeggios with a repeating vocal stab
Time to Get Serious – quiz music bed, mild tension with electronic synths, piano and percussion