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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right, now you die.
And all the deals I've worked on over the years.
And there's such a domination like for people who believe in liberty would not be worth living.
Armed conflict between nations is a nightmare to me. But if I were convinced that any nation had made-up its mind to dominate the world by fear of its force, I should feel that it must be resisted.
Believe me here in the weeds.
Can I join you?
Christ, Tom, I nearly broke my teeth.
Come here, we have a little problem.
Come on, let's go. We ain't got all day.
Did you get lost?
Did you hear?
Don't get me pissed.
Everybody here quit.
Get in fast.
Go, he's already ass.
Help stop it somebody.
Here we are. Stop right here, Tom.
How horrible. Fantastic. Incredible it is. Then we should be digging trenches and trying on gas masks here. Because of a quarrel in a faraway country. Between people of whom we know nothing.
I ain't got no time. Now I I gotta do something.
I ain't no businessman.
I almost broke my arm.
I don't want them to have any problems because of me.
I have my own personal reasons why I don't want to be associated with this organization.
I must have forgotten something.
I said we should never have trusted you.
I smell blood.
I still gotta stop by Vincenzo's for a gun.
I won't keep you now.
I've never seen this like before. I don't think I can get in.
If you know what I mean.
If you know what I mean.
It doesn't look like he's made the checks too happy.
It's probably better to go by car.
Jesus Christ is a dead body here.
Jesus, you got me. You crazy?
Just a coffee.
No weapons here. Put it away.
Oh, have you gone nuts?
Oh, Tom, you started pissing me off.
Ohh, can't you drive?
OK, I give up.
OK, Mr she's full.
Ouch. You trying to kill me.
Put away the weapon, please.
Sorry, Tom, but I'm really busy right now.
Stop it, Tommy. You got nuts.
Stop that. That hurts.
This is it.
This must be it.
Tom, forget it.
Tom, stop. If you didn't know how much work it was.
We'll chat later tonight at the bar.
We'll have a glass of something, uh, late after closing time.
We'll talk later.
We're done here.
What the hell? Tommy? Stop it. Oh, we don't know each other.
Who's gonna drive? Get back in here.
You got something to come with him?