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Avatar move
Bird happy
Bird sad
Block crushed
Block land a
Block land b
Block land c
Block remover
Blockmesher trap
Blocks cleared
Bonus ruby
Booster enabled
Booster mode loop
Booster move
Button a
Button b
Button down
Button press
Button release
Cat happy
Cat sad
Chicken happy
Chicken sad
Clearance fill
Clearance perfect
Click right
Click wrong
Color bomb
Column blast
Column blast charge
Column blast ready
Column blast ready loop
Column move
Dog happy
Dog sad
Eg shimmer
Egs extra moves
Ferret happy
Ferret sad
Fill once
Fire ice melt
Fireworks a
Fireworks b
Fireworks c
Fireworks d
Fish happy
Fish sad
Flying pig
Glass breaking
Hedgehog happy
Hedgehog sad
Key chain
Key open
Level cleared
Level cleared swoosh
Level unlocked
Panda happy
Panda sad
Pet landing
Pet released
Pet saved
Pets rescued
Pig happy
Pig sad
Rabbit happy
Rabbit sad
Rainbow block
Rocket ready
Score high
Score painter in
Score painter out
Seal happy
Seal sad
Seed in
Seed out
Sign falls in1
Skull remove
Square removed1
Squirrel happy
Squirrel sad
Stars one
Stars three
Stars two
Steel cage break
Steel cage trap
Stinger egs
Target reached
Time detonator countdown
Time detonator finished
Turn spring move
Turtle happy
Turtle sad
Wood cage break
Wood cage trap
1eg shimmer