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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah, I lost.
And that's game that was 1 sweet duel.
And that's game.
And you always got to give the hero a time to shine.
Appear MOT.
Aqua dolphins effect activates.
Aqua Neos's effect activates.
Attack absolute 0.
Attack avian.
Attack necrochasm.
Bezerker crush.
Chaos attacks.
Chess. A duel isn't about winning or losing. It's about having a sweet time.
Come out, elemental hero necro shade.
Dark claw.
Dark Panthers effect activates.
Dark shadow slash.
Direct attack.
Don't give up yet, because getting out of a jam will feel sweet.
Earth impact?
Electroma attacks.
Elemental Hero Absolute 0.
Elemental Hero core attacks.
Elemental hero the shining.
Europe's elemental hero bubble man.
Flair Scarra, Burnham up.
From my hand.
Get them scurry down.
Glow Moss is effect activates.
Go Aqua dolphin.
Go honest news.
Go Marie neos.
Go neos.
Go storm neos.
Go wild edge.
Great tornadoes effect activates.
Here comes elemental hero escuriex now.
Here comes honest.
Here comes the hero to both you and me, elemental hero, flame wingman.
Here goes nothing.
Here I go.
Here's my field spell skysc****r.
Heroes are awesome. Almost as awesome as dueling.
High attack with shadow mist.
Hmm, maybe I should have played that other card last turn.
Honest attacks?
Honest neurosis effect activates.
Hyper rapid storm.
I activate a continuous spell.
I activate a quick play spell.
I activate a ritual spell.
I activate an effect.
I activate my quick play spell mask change.
I activate my spell card, instant fusion.
I activate my spell card, skydive scorcher.
I activate my spell card. A hero lives.
I activate my spell card. Miracle contact.
I activate super polymerization.
I activate the field spell Skysc****r 2 Hero City.
I activate the spell card parallel world fusion.
I activate the spell card polymerization.
I attack with woodsmen.
I discard 2 cards to activate transcendent wings.
I end my turn. Your move.
I fuse with you, bell.
I guess I won't be teaching you a lesson until next time.
I may have won, but you definitely got game.
I special summon 2 fluff tokens in defense position.
I throw down a face down.
I'm bringing the light.
I'm not gonna lose.
I'm only getting started.
Iccees some in a monster.
Just when I think I'm gonna win, you always have another combo ready.
Let's battle.
Let's do it again soon.
Light em up, shining flare wingman.
Lightning cannon.
Marine Neos's effect activates.
Masked hero Acid's effect activates.
My elemental hero is super sweet.
My trap activates Terra Firma gravity.
My trap card activates hero signal.
Never a boring moment with you, Alexis.
No wonder you're the king of games.
Not bad, Chaz.
Ocean attacks.
Oceans affect activates.
Quill cascade.
Rainbow Neos's effect activates.
Ready to evolve, pal?
Remember when we dueled during the entrance exam? Teach and I won.
Say hello to Elemental hero Thunder giant.
Shadow Mists effect activates.
Shining emerald orb.
Shining flare Wingman's effect activates.
Show him who's boss winged caribo.
Slaughtering swoop.
Spark man attack.
Static shockwave.
Sweet. Just what I was waiting for.
Swim in elemental hero Aqua neos.
Tag this.
Take it away, bubble man.
Terra Firma magma.
That was fun. The trash talk in the action, it's all great.
That was her sweet duel. I'm on the road to becoming the next king of games.
The Egg Witch is mine.
The Shining's effect activates.
The Spell card hero flash.
They're shining attacks.
This is game.
This is super sweet.
This isn't looking good.
Thunder King Rio attacks.
Till then.
Time to throw down. Win or lose, let's have fun.
Transform masked hero acid.
Transform masked hero dark law.
Turn up the heat, flame wingman.
Ultimate typhoon.
Whoa, you for real?
Winged caribo level 10s effect activates.
Winged kuriboh's effect activates.
You always have the sweet moves? Asked her.
You gotta get your game on Syfy.
You haven't beat me yet.
You might just be the second best duelist here.
You never stop giving me a challenge, bastion. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
You sure chased it up.
You take damage equal to the destroyed monsters attack.
You're a nice guy, but I'm not gonna go easy on you. That's not how I roll.