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Home > Joey Wheeler - Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel...
A I'm a dualist, too. I'm not going to just sit around and let you beat me.
A true duelist takes on all challenges, so I'll take you on.
Again, you say victory for Jayroe.
Ah, guess my turns. Done.
Ah, sweet.
Ah, yeah, copycat.
All right.
All right.
Alright, you asked for it.
And where do you see this?
Archfiend Black skull dragon.
Blue flame Swordsman's effect activates.
Bring the Thunder and rain down the pain.
But man, I hate losing.
Check out my a game.
Come on out, Lord of the red.
Come on, give free.
Crush them with molten fireballs.
Cyber energy shock.
Diet attack with fiendish engine Omega.
Divine Knight is shock.
Everything's coming up Joey today.
Flame Swordsman, time to fight.
Flaming Sword of battle.
From my hand.
Ginzo attack.
Go red eyes.
Gotta risk it all to win it all.
Guildford the lightning.
Here we come.
Herfried the swordmaster attack.
Hi Ritual summon a monster.
Hi summon a monster in attack position.
Hi summon a monster in defense position.
Hi, activate a spell.
High end, my turn. You're up.
I activate the spell card giant drenaje.
I activate the spell Card heart of the young the dog.
I activate the spell card polymerization.
I activate the spell card white elephants gift.
I activate the trap card fairy box.
I activate the Trap card grave robber.
I activate the trap card skull dice.
I activate the trap kunai with chain.
I activate the trap magical arm shield.
I attack with battle warrior.
I attack with Geoffrey.
I attack with Guildford the Lightning.
I attack with Panther warrior.
I attack with red eyes, black metal dragon.
I can feel the power hidden inside this card.
I can't afford to lose, so I gotta kick my game up a notch.
I can't lose to the likes of you.
I don't know what this weapon can do, but that's never stopped me before.
I don't like my odds.
I draw.
I draw.
I end my turn.
I Fusion summon a monster.
I hate to admit it, but you got the better of me this time.
I pendulum summon a monster.
I reveal my face down cod.
I said a card face down.
I said, a monster face down.
I special summon a monster.
I thought I smelled a dung beetle.
I tribute a monster.
I tribute myself.
I won because you weren't just dueling me.
I'll play your shadow game, you freak.
I'll show this duel in disgrace. Who's boss?
I'm bringing the boom.
I'm on fire and gonna kick your keister.
I'm taking a chance. I hope it pays off.
Iccc some of the monster.
Inferno fire blast.
Invincible attack.
It ain't over till it's over.
It lets me copy your best card.
It raises my monsters attack points depending on what I roll.
It's like nothing I felt before claw of Hamos.
It's my turn.
It's my turn.
It's not that I'm too strong.
It's the trap card trap hole.
Jinzo's effect activates.
Lava golem attack.
Let's battle.
Let's do this.
Lightning crash.
Lights out.
Listen up, your bald headed freak. I'm not scared of you.
Look, don't fail me now.
Losing your confidence, huh? Maybe because your strategies are whack.
Maybe I don't have what it takes to win.
Metal forearm thrust.
My continuous trap activates.
My count. The trap activates.
My field spell activates.
My legendary fighter has the power to control the skies and crush all your hopes.
My masters effect activates.
My monster attacks your life points directly.
My monster attacks.
My monsters gonna attack.
My show me what you got.
My turn.
My turn.
No one messes with Joey Wheeler.
No thousand dragon.
Not too shabby, my.
Now, according to my math, you're going to be all washed up in 11 turns.
Noxious nostril gust.
OK, so I'm gonna dual to my last breath.
Red Eyes, black dragon sword.
Red Eyes, black dragon.
Rocket hermos cannon.
Rocket Warrior transformed to invincible mode.
Shake off them shackles. Gear freed the swordmaster.
Shield and sword.
Shut up.
Spin roulette spider.
Stumped. Are you want me to give you some tips?
Swift Panther slash.
Take this.
That quick play spell scapegoat.
That won't keep me down.
That's some Joey magic right there.
That's why you're the one and only king of games. Thanks for the duel, you.
The continuous spell dangerous machine type 6 activates.
This lowers your master's attack points depending on the number I roll.
This Pala mines are super rare monster.
This switcheroo spells trouble for you.
This switches the attack and defense points of all monsters on the field.
This tool ain't looking too good for me.
Time magic hammer.
Time roulette.
Time to get my motor running.
Time to set you free, gear freed. I activate the spell card. Release restraint.
Time wizard.
Time Wizards effect activates.
Time. Magic.
Too bad sometimes stems the brakes.
Trap search.
Ultimate Battle fest.
Watch what I can do.
Welcome to loserville, marrick. Population you.
When Blue Flame Swordsman is destroyed, his special ability activates.
Yog, you promised that you'd duel me, and it's time to pay up.
You ain't ready for this. I activate my ritual spell card.
You better watch your step because I laid a trap.
You that was a duel for the ages.
You took me down like a champ.
You win some, you lose some.
You would duel in a whole team. My buddies always have my back.
You're like the 21st person I've ever met who's making me break a sweat.
Yugioh duel links.
Yugioh duel links.
1000 dragon.