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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah, I draw.
Allow me to introduce the ever faithful servant of Harpie, lady.
Amazon slash attack.
Amazon swordswoman go.
Amazon's Chain master has a special ability.
Bird face attack.
By returning one monster to my hand, I can bring out a different monster from my hand.
Card faces effect activates.
Chain dance.
Come on out, Harpie dancer.
Come on out.
Come on, be serious. An amateur like you wouldn't stand a chance against me.
Cyber heartbeat lady.
Elegant egotist.
End of the road, Hun.
Fearsome fire blast.
Give a warm welcome to harpies, pet Baby Dragon.
Happy lady sisters.
Happy lady sisters.
Harpie harpist attack?
Harpie Queen's Effect activates.
Harpies Pet Dragon attack.
Harpies pet dragon.
Heartbeat dancers affect activates.
Heartbeat harpists, effect activates.
Here I go.
How do I turn this duel around?
How naive to think that you can beat me.
I activate a continuous spell.
I activate a quick play spell.
I activate a ritual spell.
I activate hysteric signs effect.
I activate my face down trap. Dramatic rescue.
I activate my facedown card.
I activate my trap card amazoness Archers.
I activate the spell Card Monster Reborn.
I activate the spell card. Amazon is spell caster.
I activate the trap card Icarus attack.
I attack with my monster.
I attack your life points directly.
I can't believe this is happening.
I don't think so.
I draw.
I draw.
I end my turn.
I Fusion summon a monster.
I hope you're ready.
I know this defeat will only make me stronger.
I lost the duel.
I lost, but I had a blast.
I lost.
I pendulum summon a monster.
I play happy girl.
I play lightning chidori.
I refuse to lose.
I reveal my face down card.
I set a card face down.
I set a card.
I set a monster face down.
I set a monster.
I special summon a monster.
I summon a monster in attack position.
I summon a monster in defense position.
I summon birdface.
I summon Peacock.
I think Rose summon a monster.
I tribute 3 monsters to summon the winged dragon of Raw.
I tribute summon a monster.
I'm definitely in the mood for a duel.
I'm ready to show you what real dueling is all about.
If I knew how long it take you to make a move, I would have brought a magazine.
If you had any idea what you're really up against, you'd call it quits right now.
If you underestimate me, I'm not the one who's gonna pay for that mistake.
If you're already struggling with one harpy lady, how will you fare against more?
It seems I still have a lot more to learn about dueling and about myself.
It still isn't over.
It's all riding on this card.
It's my turn.
It's my turn.
It's too late to give up.
Joey, I've been looking forward to dueling you.
Let's battle.
Let's do it again sometime.
Let's go harpie lady.
Lightning Chidori attack.
Lightning chidori's affect activates.
Like that's gonna keep me down.
Listen, Hun, the way you've been playing today, there wasn't a single thing you could do to stop me.
My activated equip spell.
My aroma strategy is perfection.
My card technique will take you out of your game.
My combos make even the toughest duelist surrender.
My continuous trap activates.
My continuous trap mirror wall.
My field spell activates.
My monster attacks your life points directly.
My monster attacks.
My monsters effect activates.
My quick play spell swallows nest.
My ritual summon a monster.
My trap activates.
My turn is over. Make your move.
My turn.
My turn.
My turn.
My turn.
Peacock attack.
Say hello to Harpie harpist.
Say hello to Harpie queen.
Scratch slash.
Show him your power.
Swoop in, harpie lady.
The field spell harpies hunting ground.
The field spell the seal of Orichalcos.
The trap Card hysteric party.
The winged dragon of RA is now in my control.
This car destroys one of your monsters for every happy lady on my field.
Thus spell, card, triangle, ecstasy, spark.
Triple scratch attack.
V0004 03 00 00
When we meet again, you better watch out, kiddo.
Witness the trio of terror.
Yeah, I can't believe my car techniques didn't work.
You can't stop me from achieving true power when I have this.
You lost, so get lost.
You think you can defeat me? Don't flatter yourself.
You won't break my spirit that easily.
You're either a champ or a chump, and you're no champ.
You're going down.
You've never seen techniques like this before.
Yugioh duel links.
Yugioh duel links.