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Home > Nia (Story) - Pokkén Tournament...
All right, Next up is the Red League.
All right, when you settle down, come on over to the stadium.
Alrighty, Next up is the B rank promotion test.
And it finished off with a synergy burst again. That was a bit scarier than before, though.
And now that I think of it.
And then it's worked into the battle armor we used too, isn't it?
And then there's that trainer.
And what was that she was saying before the battle? Something about some sort of power or how it was different from before or something?
Anyway, let's keep battling against all sorts of trainers and justice have ourselves some fun.
Are you all right?
As you move U in the leagues, you'll be able to choose from more support sets. Be sure to go to My Town and check them out.
At least until they find out what's draining the Gaia power, I guess.
Awesome. Now you should be able to move on to the next league.
Brace yourself.
But as strong as you are now, I guess it's only natural.
But still, I can't imagine a Pokémon would just come looking for a fight for no reason.
But Yikes, We sure are finding ourselves in lots of unofficial, dated battles. Hmm. What is it really up to anyway?
By the way, didn't that girl look like she was trying to say something?
Come on.
Congrats, you and your Pokémon were really cool out there.
Congrats, you are now the new Ferrum League champion.
Do you know about that strange mute too?
Do you think that stone is what makes it look like that?
Don't sweat it.
Don't you think that?
First, there's the whole talk of the Gaia Power growing weaker and weaker, and I just hope things don't get worse.
For us it was more like well, after we battled with Mutu, it's synergy bursts scattered and.
Get ready.
Here goes.
Here you can learn about fair and battles and practice as much as you see fit.
Hey, is everything alright? That's your Pokémon, right?
Hey, look, it's that girl. Looks like she's headed this way. She doesn't look right.
Hey, nice to meet you. I'm NIA.
Hmm, I've got a bad feeling about this.
Hmm. Shadow Mute too, huh?
How about?
Huh. Hmm, that sounds a little different than what happened to us.
I never even imagined you'd become grandmaster. I almost don't believe it.
I'd recommend starting off with my tutorial.
I'll give you whatever assistance I can, so just try to have some fun out there.
I've been following along with you ever since you were just a newbie, but you've really gone the distance.
I've been wanting to say that.
Is that right?
Is that so? So why is MU 2 the only one that went ahead?
Is that what people are calling it?
It looks like a bunch of places are already feeling the impact. They're saying Pokémon can't use Synergy Burst anymore, stuff like that.
It looks like you got a new support set. Be sure to go to my town and check it out.
It returned to normal and took off right? What do you think was different?
It was just sucking up the synergy power like a black hole. These stones are supposed to be used to connect Pokémon in their trainers, not. This.
Its eyes had this strange look to them too.
Just select this mode, connect the other controller and you'll be good to go.
Me. No.
Mute 2 is that stone sucking up all the synergy power.
Nicely done, and there's your first rank up.
No use in sitting around worrying though. We've got to start planning for the next battle.
No way.
Now that I think about it, on top of being darker than black itself, it also had this big synergy stone looking thing on its shoulder, didn't it?
Now wait a second.
Now you'll be able to join in the next league.
Of course, it's all probably because of that Pokémon, huh?
Ohh right.
Ohh right.
Ohh, and you'll be disqualified if you lose even once, but I'm sure you'll be fine. Go and give it all you've got.
Ohh, I think I heard about this during the Battle Trainer exam.
Right, but.
Seems like you can earn different titles by meeting certain requirements, so why don't you check them out in my town?
Shadow Mute 2.
Shadow Synergy Stone.
Some kind of black Pokémon?
Something is coming this way.
Something is coming this way. Some kind of black Pokémon?
That huge stone on display in the stadium is actually a Synergy stone, too.
That must be the menu that we fought before.
That stone is the reason we can communicate with Pokémon and use powers like Synergy Burst, right?
The Chroma League has the most support sets, so make sure you double check them.
The Farm League is actually made-up of four different leagues. Each of these has a rank requirement for participation.
The leagues getting put on hold is a pretty big deal. Still been hearing lots about that black Muto as well.
There have been all sorts of rumors lately about a mysterious black Pokémon. Apparently it was mute too.
There was all this creepy sort of energy swirling around.
They just made an official announcement about putting the brakes on the farm league.
This is all getting a little too out of hand. But we can't just turn away.
This is the Faram region where we are now. It's a huge island surrounded by nothing but the ocean itself.
Uh, I don't really know what's going on, but. Just try to tell me about what happened.
Wait, does that mean? Do you think the same goes for that MUTO as well?
Wait, so New Two was just fighting on its own?
Wait, that sounds pretty serious, don't you think?
Was that, was that mute too? It wasn't the right color, but.
What was that? It went from Synergy bursts to I don't even know what.
What was?
What? Help. Um, what are you talking about?
What? What are you talking about?
What? Where's all the Synergy power going?
Wow, you did it. You really are the very best of the Chroma league.
Wow. Without even realizing it, we've arrived someplace new. It's beautiful, but still scary.
Wowzers, you might be even stronger than me now.
Yikes, it's that black Muto again. Can it even hold in all that energy?
You can check your play data and change a number of settings here.
You can equip items you've obtained or change your title.
You got a new avatar item.
You had to face some pretty tough battle trainers on the way, but you pulled through.
You think it all might be because of that stone. Or maybe this has to do with that girl.
You think something happened to that mute too, And that girl?
You think that's the one that was with the hooded girl?
You think they've been searching for you?
You'll be able to pick from more support sets in the Blue League. Be sure to go to My Town and check them out.
You'll get some more support sets, so don't forget to go to My Town to change them.
You're free to participate in any of the leagues, so drop in and make your presence known.
You're kidding.
You've made it all the way to a rank.
You've made it to the next league. How does it feel ranking up for the first time?