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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A little assistance would be greatly appreciated.
And to think I thought you would think, I thought you were unskilled.
Congratulations, you are proving to be a worthy adversary.
Don't think for one moment that I am worried.
Goody, Goody condo.
Hmm. That was a real honey.
Huh. Huh. Ohh dear.
Huh. I did not know this game was so dangerous.
Huh. Oh oh darn it.
Huh. Ohh. Holy smokes.
I am a great champion of bullying. Who dares to challenge me now? Hey, DC handed over my boisterous friend. Reel me up, Smithers. Ohh dear, that victory was very short lived.
I am hot stuff today, huh?
I have brought disgrace upon my ancestors.
I hope this will not be going to your head.
I suppose I must play the part of the good sport.
I tell you, it is alarming how charming I am feeling.
I will suppress the urge to mock you shamelessly.
It seems my luck has expired.
Kindly press a button to set the curve now.
Never have I felt so foolish.
No, no, no. You must become one with the ball.
Oh, this is not their discotheque. Please clear the floor and come again.
Ohh come on stupid karma.
Ohh dear, This brings me more sadness than a watery squishy.
Ohh good golly Miss Molly. She sure like to ball.
Ohh goodness me.
Ohh goodness me. My jubilation knows no bounds.
Ohh Happy is a poo.
Ohh I am a disgrace to the cookie Mart.
Ohh my that one has truly put me in the soup.
Ohh whoa, that really backs a wallop.
Ohh, clearly I am more than just a pretty face, huh?
Ohh, come on. I'll wager you cannot do that again.
Ohh, how very unfortunate.
Ohh, I am very happy for you for the time being.
Ohh, please. You're now banished from my store.
Ohh, that was a good one. Not.
Ohh, that was awful.
Ohh, you were robbed, my friend and I ought to know.
Please do not delete deli my friend.
Please push the button again to start my approach.
Please set my position by pushing a button.
Please temper your exuberance for my sake.
Please, your unbridled merriment is most unseemly.
Someone better call the fire department for I am smoking.
Terrible the power of APU and mighty his bowling arm.
That was on the money with exact change, if you please.
That was our most exceptionally bad throw, even for you.
There is such a thing as a sore winner, you know.
These Buddhist celebrations do not amuse my friend.
This is an outrage.
Those pins scattered like rude saplings before a mighty wind.
We'll get out of here. That ball clearly has been tampered with.
Well, I certainly nailed that one.
Whoa. Be patient or poo. The wheel will turn again.
Whoa. My jubilation knows no bounds.
Woof. This is not quite as entertaining as I had hoped.
Would you kindly get your butt in gear?
Yes, Perfect game, buddy.
You are more than welcome to ridicule me mercilessly.
Your cooperation would be most welcome.
Your misfortune is most entertaining to me.