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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
Atlanta is in rough shape. That's all I know.
Back to the Motor Inn.
Bonus safer, but not any comfier.
But it wasn't a choice like that. It it was just something I did. I don't know why.
But knowing you were to take care of him through all of it, that helped.
But you're cool.
Come on.
Dad told me he bought that TV to watch baseball in here, but I caught him watching his stories more than a few times.
Damn it.
Damn, it's on to us.
Do it.
Do you know that there are no batteries in that thing?
Do you know what the hell this is?
Dodging or quacking.
Doug, you want to get this door open?
Family, but it doesn't seem like it.
Find your friends and be safe.
Finding what you're looking for.
Fine, just try to keep it down. We don't need to attract attention.
First aid kit.
For the boy.
Fuck, I think he saw me.
Fuck. We gotta be more careful.
Get away from her, you son of a bitch.
Get away.
Get over it. OK.
Good. Doesn't sound too bad there right now.
Have you killed one?
Hell no. This is a bunch of dead people walking around out there.
Her parents are out of town.
Her parents showed up. No, I don't.
Here you go.
Here, let me have a look.
Hey Kenny, you good?
Hey you guys.
Hey, Glenn, we're going to talk it over and send a group to come get you, all right?
Hey, Glenn.
Holy shit.
How we doing?
How you doing, Clementine?
How you doing, Glenn?
How's he doing?
How's your finger?
I can't tell.
I don't know, clan. We gotta move.
I don't know.
I don't know. I'm sorry.
I just saw a girl inside that house.
I know I did.
I know.
I might have an idea for it.
I need to drag myself out that window.
I respect that.
I think the keys are back on that cap.
I thought I saw a little girl in the forest. Are you up there? I'm not one of those things.
I was going to help you both.
I won't leave you alone.
I'll see what I can find.
I'm done trying to punch out Windows.
I'm gonna hold on to this until we get Glenn back, OK?
I'm not sure I can take them both out myself, even if I had a weapon.
I'm saying he might have the pharmacy keys.
I'm sorry, Glenn. Let's go protect the people we know we can.
I'm sorry, ma'am. I'm sorry. I wouldn't hear.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying.
I'm. 37.
If you see anything, you get inside and lock the door.
It doesn't seem like they're trapped guys going anywhere anytime soon.
It might be a good idea to go check on Carly.
It should hold for a while.
It's a sparky thing.
It's big as the Prime Walker killer. They should be able to take those guys out when they come around the corner of the RV.
It's complicated. Sometimes things happen here. You do things and you can't explain them.
It's just that.
It's Larry Wright's man. This is his son.
It's locked. We need to track down the keys if we're going to help Larry.
It's not damaged. Glad this place didn't get looted.
It's not that simple.
Jesus, no kidding.
Just out for drive.
Kenny, please, I'm gonna need your help.
Leave her alone, Claire.
Lee, this is Clementine.
Let's go back.
Let's have a look around.
Let's hope.
Let's just move this thing.
Look at the uniform, though. He could have worked at the drugstore and died with keys in his pocket.
Maybe I'll just go for a dip.
Maybe we could distract them with Kenny's pickup.
Miss, just relax now.
Miss, we're coming in.
My dad used to keep all the cool stuff on the top shelf.
No family. I had a beta fish on my desk at the university.
No ladder. I'm not getting up there anyway, this leg where it is.
No, I've been sticking to first names for a reason.
No, no, no, no, no.
Not for me.
Not really.
Now, Sean.
Oh no, I'm not her dad I found in a house when getting out of Atlanta. She'd been surviving by herself.
OK, this is the plan. We don't know how hard it's going to be to get her out of that room.
Open sesame.
Push on, 3123.
Quietly, noise attracts these things. Now let's have a look around.
Seems like those two are getting along.
She could turn right now. We can't take a risk. Hand it over to her.
She had a few lonely days with nothing but the dead keeping her company.
Shit, man, do any of us?
Somebody. Yeah, if you can hear me.
Someone is out there?
Stay alive. Track us down. Don't worry.
Still, huh?
Sure, let's go have a look around.
Thanks for, you know, going back there with me.
Thanks, Kenny.
That guy's done enough. We should try to keep using human bait to a minimum.
That's crazy. We can find something else.
That's what I figured.
The streets are too full of those things to get out there and search for those keys safely.
Then shooter.
There's a little girl here.
There's a pick in the truck.
They want you to be safe. We'll find them if we can.
They won't we should go.
They're after me, not you.
They're gone.
This is Lee. What's up?
Those TV's are on and I'm sure they're making a lot of noise behind that glass.
Try to let it go.
Um, do you have to go to the bathroom or anything like that?
Wasn't going to say anything.
We are probably gonna have to handle him the old fashioned way.
We can go over there when the rest of these down here are taken care of.
We can't let you do that to yourself.
We didn't fight, we just didn't talk for a while.
We need to find help before it gets dark.
We need to get out of this neighborhood. It's not safe. We're less likely to be seen if we move at night.
We should think about searching that guy across the street.
We'll just have to kill him the old fashioned way, I guess.
What about your family?
What are we looking for?
What are you getting at?
What do you suggest?
What else is there to do?
What is it?
What the?
What's everyone like in there?
What's it matter?
What's it to you?
What's wrong with him?
Whatever it is, we can kill it quietly.
When I head back into the drugstore with me.
Who is it?
Who is this?
Whoa, take it easy. We just wanna help.
Yeah, I did.
Yeah, I know that.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Yeah, it's not doing so good.
Yeah, like that.
Yeah, of course.
Yeah, that's not really an option right now.
Yeah, that's right. Now let's get this done.
Yeah, the owners, they were. We were close.
Yeah, then good on us.
Yeah, these are no good.
Yeah, we do.
Yeah, we got pushed, you know?
Yeah, you did.
Yeah. Why are you asking me that?
You didn't say anything and duck could have been bitten.
You don't need anything, right?
You don't talk too much.
You know your way around.
You think you do when you look back on it, but in a moment when things are really out of control, you don't have any choice.
You've got the combo range.