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Avalon Centrifuge - LittleBigPlanet 2 - Character Voices (PlayStation 3)

Avalon Centrifuge - LittleBigPlanet 2 - Character Voices (PlayStation 3)

Character Voice sounds from the PlayStation 3 game LittleBigPlanet 2.

Alright, I don't know how to thank you.
But what can stop the unstoppable?
Craftworld is in grave peril.
Fetch my tall orange Mukachevo I've got brain thinking to do.
He must be liberated, slick. You're gonna step up.
Hey kiddo, welcome to the triumphant manifestation of my transcendence.
Hey Slick, da Vinci's gonna put you through your paces to see if you're worthy of the alliance.
Hey, see you soon as I'm out of here.
I am evalon centrifuge.
I call it home.
I for one have learned that self aggrandizement leads to ruin and being devoured by an enormous space vacuum cleaner.
I shall lead us to victory, and you shall be my #2.
In a world where imagination is king, an ancient evil stirs to threaten the very survival of the cosmos.
It sure does. Wait, what?
It's not. I mean, it's not.
Let's head back to my enormous house and reminisce pleasantly.
Maidens were weak at our humble sacrifice. Her names will be etched in the stars.
Me too, Larry. Me too.
One man's devilishly handsome, impossibly statuesque. The only hope.
Sadly, he is now lost to us.
Slick, you rescued me and you saved craft world.
That's enough. It's business time.
That's havalon centrifuge to you.
The Negativitron may attack it any moment. Nothing is more important than defending Avalonia.
The time has come and gone for why?
Theme4 intro 30 avalon
Then it is time to fly.
Then, craftworld, we must be prepared, Clive.
They call it the negative atron, but what can stop the unstoppable?
They call it the negative atron.
This world needs only one thing. It needs a hero.
Together we, the Alliance, shall defeat the negativitron.
Wait. History will surely tell of this day.
We shall not be defeated.
Well, I'm the best at it.
You shall become a pilot.
8th the time has come for you to learn the ways of. The machines.