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Takane Shijou - The iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars - Voices (PlayStation 4)

Takane Shijou - The iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars - Voices (PlayStation 4)

The Idolmaster 2 is a Japanese raising simulation video game in the Idolmaster series developed and published by Bandai Namco Games. The game's Xbox 360 version of the game sold 34,621 units in its first week of release in Japan.
See also: and List of The Idolmaster characters.

Voice stg com tak#1 (tak stg com tak 001)
Voice stg com tak#10 (tak stg com tak 010)
Voice stg com tak#11 (tak stg com tak 011)
Voice stg com tak#12 (tak stg com tak 012)
Voice stg com tak#13 (tak stg com tak 013)
Voice stg com tak#14 (tak stg com tak 014)
Voice stg com tak#15 (tak stg com tak 015)
Voice stg com tak#16 (tak stg com tak 016)
Voice stg com tak#17 (tak stg com tak 017)
Voice stg com tak#18 (tak stg com tak 018)
Voice stg com tak#19 (tak stg com tak 019)
Voice stg com tak#2 (tak stg com tak 002)
Voice stg com tak#20 (tak stg com tak 020)
Voice stg com tak#21 (tak stg com tak 021)
Voice stg com tak#22 (tak stg com tak 022)
Voice stg com tak#23 (tak stg com tak 023)
Voice stg com tak#3 (tak stg com tak 003)
Voice stg com tak#4 (tak stg com tak 004)
Voice stg com tak#5 (tak stg com tak 005)
Voice stg com tak#6 (tak stg com tak 006)
Voice stg com tak#7 (tak stg com tak 007)
Voice stg com tak#8 (tak stg com tak 008)
Voice stg com tak#9 (tak stg com tak 009)
Voice stg mdl tak#1 (tak stg mdl tak 001)
Voice stg mdl tak#10 (tak stg mdl tak 010)
Voice stg mdl tak#11 (tak stg mdl tak 011)
Voice stg mdl tak#12 (tak stg mdl tak 012)
Voice stg mdl tak#13 (tak stg mdl tak 013)
Voice stg mdl tak#14 (tak stg mdl tak 014)
Voice stg mdl tak#15 (tak stg mdl tak 015)
Voice stg mdl tak#16 (tak stg mdl tak 016)
Voice stg mdl tak#17 (tak stg mdl tak 017)
Voice stg mdl tak#18 (yuk stg mdl tak 001)
Voice stg mdl tak#19 (hib stg mdl tak 001)
Voice stg mdl tak#2 (tak stg mdl tak 002)
Voice stg mdl tak#3 (tak stg mdl tak 003)
Voice stg mdl tak#4 (tak stg mdl tak 004)
Voice stg mdl tak#5 (tak stg mdl tak 005)
Voice stg mdl tak#6 (tak stg mdl tak 006)
Voice stg mdl tak#7 (tak stg mdl tak 007)
Voice stg mdl tak#8 (tak stg mdl tak 008)
Voice stg mdl tak#9 (tak stg mdl tak 009)
Voice title call#11 (TITLE TAK)