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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah, finally I found you.
And the best part is that little Susie wasn't there.
Besides having you guys already been through every inch of that boring old building by now?
But did you ever notice how Jeremy's hair waves in the wind? Hey, what? No, I was talking about Jeremy's gorgeous hair.
Did I finish telling you about Jeremy's hair the other day? This little breeze blew it back and.
Do you know any good carvers? Wait, is that what you call people who make sculptures?
Don't think you're off the hook when Mom gets back. You guys are so busted.
Exactly. I'm invisible. What did you do to my phone? And what are my phone doing to me?
Hey Phineas, Isabella's here.
Hey, Phineas.
I can't wait for mom to get back.
I guess the only solution would be exactly.
It was hilarious. He was like, tennis, that's the pepper. And I was like, why did I give you the pepper? Jeremy thinks I'm so funny.
It's true, nobody notices it, but I do.
Jeremy. Well, duh. Who else would I be talking about? He looked so amazing when I saw him earlier. Of course, he always looks amazing. What was that?
Like I was saying the other day. No, really.
Like never.
Like the time we were. I know, I know. That was so great.
Maybe that could work. I mean, what am I saying? Of course it would work.
Mom and Dad just left for an all day seminar in Peruvian walking sticks and mom put me in charge.
Mom and Dad just left for some antique convention, and while they're away, I'm in charge.
Mom just got home and I'm gonna show her everything you 2 did. Mom.
Mom, Phineas and Ferb are making a museum.
Mom, Phineas and Ferb are making a video game.
Mom. Mom. The backyard. Look quick. You now.
My phone shattered. Life over light fading so cold. Ohh I saw Brad.
No way. His shade of blonde is perfect. Are you crazy? He's not just like other blondes. What? Ohh. Get out.
No way. How could we? It was a giant machine, the large scullen, they built, the whole museum.
No, you're right, he can't.
Not not noisy.
Of course I do now. Keep quiet and stay out of trouble. I've got important things to do before school starts.
Of course I do. Now keep quiet and stay out of trouble. I've got to pick out one outfit to wear every day for the next school.
Oh, no. No, no, no, no. Every time I step inside that place, something weird happens.
Ohh no no no no no. Dinosaurs and time machines and alternate universes. That place is just trouble waiting to happen.
Ohh thank you Diggy, Diggy, diggy.
Phineas Belgie is here to see you.
Phineas, some delivery guy dropped off a package for you.
Seriously, he really loves my jokes. Once he told me that I should do stand up and I said I don't know, is it easier than push-ups?
Sorry Stacy. So anyway, Ducky Momo is trying to cross this river.
That's so meat. It reminds me of that time I was at the mall, Jeremy.
Then we laughed so hard, I swear we couldn't breathe. Uh huh. Yeah, I had them all.
Wait, what do you mean other girls?
We were just yeah, holding hands, I swear, he smiled.
What did you guys do? What's that builder?
Yeah. I don't know. It doesn't matter.
Yo Phineas Beauforts here.
Yo Phineas.
You boys are so busted.